Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thanks TB

The esteemed Tamaro Benz shared this picture of actress Laura Prepon. . This was from her appearance on Amazon's Style Code Live webcast. Sadly Amazon doesn't keep a deep archive of the show, so the complete appearance seems to have vanished. Here's some video I found of her in the same outfit.

BTW-youtube thighboot style guide videos are out of control. I just barely escaped this session without sparking a major browser bloom.

Here's a thighboot segment from Style Code Live-

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Home and Family And Over-the-Knee Boots

Even with Tanya and Christina gone, Home and Family (on the Hallmark Channel) still manages to boot it up. The Friday, Sept 23 episode, which will repeat as the second show Monday the 26th, featured a segment on over-the-knee boots. For some reason Hallmark didn't upload this to youtube, but the segment is on their site. So here's a boring old text link to the video-

And because it's Home and Family and the usual rules don't apply, Paige actually wore her own OTK's for the rest of the show(below) and they're better than the pair she wore during the segment-

I've saved the show and will be trimming it down shortly, but I wanted to get this up before the episode repeated on Monday.

For DirecTV subscribers

The Audience Network is available free to DirecTV subscribers. If you can't find the shows airing "properly," they're available on demand for months. I've captured both of these specials, and will be trimming them soon, but wanted to give you a heads up.

Of interest to us- the episode of Undeniable with Joe Buck  featuring beach volleyball champion Kerri Walsh Jennings.  Why yes, I am interested in a well-photographed, hour-long interview with a 6 foot blonde wearing over-the-knee boots over "leather" leggings.


The special introducing us to The Sisterhood features both bandmates in over the knee boots, with Ruby Stewart (yes, Rod's daughter) deserving special mention for her wonderful black leather beauties.   Here's the promo video to give you a taste, except for one piano blocked number the entire special is quite nice -

I've just done brief searching for The Sisterhood and it's pretty fruitful, with Alyssa Bonagura (the brunette) being a prolific boot wearer. You'll probably be hearing more about them later.

Thigh High Boots Fall/Winter 16-17 Trend

Here's this fantasy I have. Someday, I'm going to find the complete videos of the shows highlighted here and trim them down to there bootiest bits. Someday.

Denim Chap Boots

So this is what it looked like when Rihanna wore them-

And J-Lo-

Music Video Here
And a writer for Glamour-
Article Here-Pretty nice actually
And Wendy Williams-