A Seasonal Note-

A Seasonal Note - For the time being this blog will feature mostly Youtube clips and tips/observations. I hope to resume posting my custom boot edits in the spring. Read THIS to find out why.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Little Mix ft Charlie Puth Perform Oops into Touch | Finals | The X Fact...

What kind of year is it? It's the kind of year where I paused for a moment to consider if this clip of 4 thighbooted singers was worth posting. We've gotten SO spoiled.

Joanne Froggatt Talks About Wrestling with Typecasting Early in Her Career

The Downton Abbey star wears a pair of fringy suede OTK's in this excerpt.

More here-



The Cast and Director Discuss Their Film, "Coming Through The Rye" | BUI...

More from the BUILD Series. It's official, I definitely prefer "this years boot" in beige or grey over the light-sucking, detail-destroying black variety.

Billie Lourd's Grandma Debbie Reynolds Tried to Scare Her from Acting

This clip proves that without the walk-out scene, most talk show appearances are an exercise in frustration. Trust me she is wearing boots and at about the 2 minute mark you actually get to see them for a bit.

Veja os melhores momentos de Xuxa Meneghel desta segunda-feira (5)

Xuxa did a "throwback" episode recently where she dressed like this.  Her current program, a generic talk show,  is a mixed bag. Much of the time she dresses like Ellen Degeneres is her fashion guide, but every once and a while she'll break out a decent pair of leather OTK's. And on this one occasion  she remembered the outlandish style that made her famous. The clip below is too long, but showcases the outfit above.