Saturday, June 3, 2017

Iggy Azalea ft. Anitta: Switch

Purely in the interest of completeness (and tab clearing) Anitta in stocking boots. I would never be stalking stocking boots. See what I did there?

Boots (Official Music Video) - Liv Devine

From a reader-

What a delight. Here's a live version-

And thanks to John Smith for bringing this to my attention.

Andrea Berg "Hit - Medley" Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel, 20.05.2017

In case you missed it, about 2 weeks ago, singer Andrea Berg appeared on German TV in a pretty goddamn stunning leather mini-dress with matching thighboots outfit. Here's a video of it-

And, I just discovered that about 5 years ago Andrea went through a "pirate" phase.  Sadly, I don't have time to do a full report, but here's two tastes to get you started-

Camila Cabello LIP SYNCING on Britain's Got Talent!? -JS

My goodness, the chestnut (?) leather boots that Stephanie Gray wears in this clip are simply magnificent. It's sightings like this (from late May, in Los Angeles!) that give me hope for the upcoming season.

The master, Fashion designer of exclusive footwear ALEXANDER SAMULYAK Al...

"So Bruce," you've probably never thought to ask, "what would it look like if YOU designed a fashion line?"
"Well," I would say, flattered by the interest, "probably something like the work of The master, Fashion designer of exclusive footwear ALEXANDER SAMULYAK."
Wow, I mean just WOW. I stumbled across a few pictures on an unrelated google image search. It was easy to find his website. After that, you'll probably need google translate. I did find these two videos from 5 years ago. As a side benefit, these two videos open up a rabbit hole for Ukrainian/Russian boot videos I've never seen. I wish I had time to jump down it, maybe later.