Friday, May 13, 2016

He LIVES....

.......well what passes for living anyway.

Sorry for the extended break.  Things have been a little crazy in my real life, but I am well.  Back in March I just kinda got out of the mood. I told myself I'd start posting again "when I felt like it." I'm not sure if I "feel like it" yet.  Obviously, I am still obsessively collecting boot media. I hope to return to regular posting at sometime in the near future. I'm just not sure when.  Sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment.

I'll be back when I'm back,


  1. Good to hear. Of course we missed your posts, but that should not be a concerne for you. You come back when you feel like it.

  2. Welcome back!

    We, the ladies in boots, are ready to see more and more!

  3. And I'm sure that we will be await w/ patience for your return in which I'm sure that you will have the gusto & an collection to share w/.

  4. Good to know your ok, Would love to see you back at the blog, if you feel you want to. But you have given so much allready, So you could retire on top if you wish and you will still, be a boot legend.
    All the best


  5. You have to keep posting. All alternative sites/blogs are trash compared to yours. Much better quality and perfectly cut together.

  6. Good to see you posted. Also you owe no one anything nor do you owe anyone an apology for not posting. In any case, we look forward to seeing your posts.

  7. We're glad to hear from you again! I hope you're doing well and we thank you for all the content you've done for us. Feel free to return whenever it feels right. :)

  8. The important thing is that you're OK Bruce. It's suddenly gone a bit quiet on the boot forum sites at the moment, which means less time wasted on the Internet!

    James Addiction

  9. Tara Palmeri on bbc2 newsnight

  10. Stephanie Calvert

  11. Stephanie Calvert

  12. Hello Bruce,
    here's another pearl from the late sixties, the French Canadian TV Series "Moi et L'Autre", featuring super long boots in several episodes but specially in this one "France-Indien" of which I attach a Link of Part 2/2:

  13. I am glad you will start posting soon cause we all here love your post thank you soo much for them can't wait to have them back again sometime soon.

  14. Welcome back...glad to know that u r ok..I would like to see more boot stuff.

  15. Hello Bruce thank you for your little message, management of real life is more important than a blog. Good restoration has you, comes back quickly, but in great shape !!!!!!!

  16. Happy to hear you're ok. Life is short and should not be taken for granted.

  17. Hi Bruce! Nice to hear that all is OK!

    You may obtain some enjoyment from the following:

  18. Well if Bruce doesn't mind maybe we can share vids here in the comment section. Here's a new find for me. Price is Right from 1983 starting at 13:45. Love that outfit!!

  19. Hope you start posting again Bruce and hope you're doing well!

  20. Good to see is back. I thought that had stopped too.

    James Addiction

  21. Great site James, I forgot about that one. Is there any way to make the links active in the comments?

  22. Trailer for "Now You See Me 2" with lots of good boot content from Lizzy Caplan:

  23. Flo Rida's back up singers

  24. More from Flo Rida's backup singers

  25. Is Marie Osmond wearing thigh high boots in this picture?

    1. Looks like it. Here's another still:

      and here's one of several clips from that ep. If you search "dorinda medley marie osmond" you'll find lots of images and videos. Might make good content for your site!

    2. Oops. Here's the link for the clip:

  26. Too good to miss:


  27. Female members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army honour guard

  28. Hello Bruce :

    I am also a Boot Lover and I don't know if I ever sent you this : The ThighBoot Phenomenon

    My own theory about Boots as Women’s fashion is that Boots are likely
    to be worn during Progressive periods. Women choose to wear Boots as
    a symbol of Power. They are, after all, the footwear of choice for
    dominatrixes and superheroines.

    In the early part of the twentieth century, Boots went out of fashion
    more or less as soon as Prohibition started. The style didn’t come
    back into popularity until the very Progressive sixties.

    As a life-long Boot fetishist, I have also studied the history of the
    ThighBoot, or Thigh-high Boot ( as well as the Over the Knee Boot ) as
    Women’s fashion. The first examples were found in the early sixties
    at the Paris fashion shows. These were derided as ‘sewer boots’ by
    some, but obviously made a huge impression on others. These included
    the wardrobe designer Michael Whittaker of the TV series ‘The
    Avengers’, in which Honor Blackman, as Cathy Gale, appeared in truly
    knee-high Black Leather Boots. As well as a full black leather outfit
    to match. For the year 1963, this was pretty shocking television. In
    February of 1964, Blackman and Patrick Macnee ( John Steed ) would
    release the hit single 'Kinky Boots'. KB mentioned every possible
    style of women's boot, including Thigh-highs.

    In the U. S. , the Thigh-high style really took off in 1965, some say
    as a result of the success of the then blockbuster film ‘Dr.
    Zhivago’. From the second half of the sixties and especially
    throughout the seventies, ThighBoots ( even Thigh-high Frye Boots )
    were a must-have in a Woman’s footwear collection. Many of the era’s
    actresses, including Faye Dunaway, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Fonda,
    Dianna Rigg, Sally Fields and Rachel Welsh would often appear on film
    in tall or over the knee boots.

    Thigh-highs were to stay fashionable until the year 1980. Right at
    the time when Progressivism was in freefall and Reagan and
    Conservatism began to Rule. Anyone stating that thigh-highs were
    still part of the fashion scene in the ’80’s might wish to review
    footware of that decade. In 1980, the de rigueur style was ankle-low
    and flat-heeled. In anything, the popularity of Punk meant that
    combat boots were also the new sensation. Along with, of course (
    yawn ), leg warmers.

    Today, the longevity of the ThighBoots style is likely primarily a
    result of the explosion of Adult images on the web, particularly the
    number in which the female subjects are clad in over-the-knee
    footwear. In addition, the oughts have been a decade in which
    conservatism has been in ever increasing retreat, especially with the
    election of Obama.

    Keep it tight ( or at least secure ),
    Boots and Bondage Bohemian

    1. can you explain - what has Dr Zhivago got to do with the popularity of thigh high boots ?



  31. Looking for Mr. Goodbar was uncut on TCM last night. Never seen anything but an edited version. Diane Keaton was wearing quintessential 70's boots throughout, at least 4 pairs I could see, including a great sex scene (but brief) that she leaves them on.


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