Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Yes, these are technically boot-pants. I'm not sure I can muster up a give-a-damn. Too much pant, not enough boot. At least when Tamara Mellon made them (which I discuss here and here) she used leather. Oh, here's another article on the subject-

But lost in all this hype about these demi-boots, I think I'm seeing some hopeful signs for next season. Back in March, I really feared a backlash against any sort of high boot, but-

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I don't have any problems with these shiny numbers, and there's much to suggest that the fashionable set will not be abandoning quality boots in the way I feared. I don't anything will ever match the improbable ubiquity that fabric thighboots enjoyed in 2016/17, but I also don't think we're in for a repeat of the ankle-shoe hell that was 2014.

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  1. Kardashian looks like she's ready for her starring role in a "Star Trek" porn parody.


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