Monday, March 21, 2016

Just until an HD version shows up
Wow, I had kind of lost track of this clip I made way back in 2008. Twin Daggers (2006) is a pretty horrible chop-socky action flick saved by the brief appearance of a leather-clad ass-kicker.  I've got a line on an HD version of this, but just in case here's a DVD rip.  After a seductive dance, she reveals she has a stiletto blade in the toe of her black leather knee-scrapers. 


  1. I think Yify had a 720p version of this.

    Love the work, glad you have a rest from it every now and then.


  2. Just checked Babe, there is a 1080, as well, that should make you happy.


  3. I found it on PTP, already on my seedbox, just waiting for a window when I can dl the whole 10 gigs.


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