Friday, September 16, 2016

It NEVER stops

You may have noticed I can be an obsessive collector  AND that I have a thing for action girls in boots and leather. You can probably guess that sometimes I go hunting for new material even if I should be doing something else.  You may not know that sometimes I stumble across an irresistible gold mine that I am powerless to ignore.  This is a still from the new Chinese TV series "Ice Fantasy."

Well, of course she fights on horseback with a whip.

Here's a few more shots from Ice Fantasy-

 So, just as I'm mental committing to downloading, storing and eventually trimming ANOTHER 50gbs, I see........A Fist Within Four Walls.

What's that? Yet another Chinese multi-part action drama featuring a leather-clad ass-kicker? Sure, hard-drives are cheap. I'm sure I'll get to it......someday.

Oh, and let's not forget we're on the very brink of what might be the bootiest F/W on record. It's not like that will keep me busy.

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