Saturday, September 24, 2016


.....September has been a little hectic here. A week getting ready for vacation, a week on vacation, a week recovering from vacation.  Then I realized that if I was going to upgrade my DVR, this was the time to do it. It took a lot of time to capture the hours of recordings stored on my old DVRs, but the lure of a 5 tuner, whole-house system was too strong.  I won't bore you with the minutia of my process, but I'm MUCH better situated to preserve the ephemera1 (morning news shows, afternoon chat, etc) that will document the upcoming boot season.
The usual mix of new and old clips mixed with pompous musings and self-evident observations that you've come to expect should resume shortly. Oh, to clarify, the clips in the "New DVR" flood immediately below are NOT the product of either of my DVR's. Rather they're simply a collection of hastily assembled, random clips from my archive.

1Primetime TV and feature films are preserved for eternity.  I could find an episode of Chicago PD from 2014 in under a minute. If a guest on Good Day LA wears a great pair of boots, capturing it live might be our only hope.

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