Friday, September 2, 2016

The Kills: Impossible Tracks


Yes, in this clip it looks like the singer might be wearing crotch-high black leather boots worn over denim. Closer examination and historical research STRONGLY suggests the devils deception.-

This picture of the band on stage is from earlier in the year, but studying the clip makes me think she's wearing something like this. Bloody shame too. I am intoxicated by the geometry of leather snuggling up with denim in that region. To bad it has to end with.......those things. Only a boot lover would know how much this matters.



  1. Alison Mosshart is a serial ankle booter. I cannot bring myself to enjoy their songs for that reason. Idiotic, I know, but few things fill me with a feeling of utter disappointment than any woman choosing the footwear of horror.

    James Addiction

    1. Had never heard of them. Given how this season is starting, crotch-high boots was not beyond the range of possibility. Oh, the horror!


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