Sunday, September 2, 2018

Cagney and Lacey (Pink Boots)

A giant tip of the hat to Tamero Benz for sending this my way. It's a great scene and I've been trying to track down the episode name/number and have come up empty. If you've got any clues, I could certainly find a better copy.

This actually opened my eyes to a problem I've been ignoring. There was certainly some decent fashion bootage in Cagney and Lacey. But it ran for 7, 22 hour-long episode seasons. That's a lot of TV.  Are there any Cagney and Lacey specialists out there?  I could use some help.

Here's some stills I found-


  1. Season3, episode 6 called Partners.

  2. Watched C&L as teenager. Don't remember a high level of bootage.
    Also dimly lit precincts & lots of desks blocking view.

  3. Not an expert but would always check out when on a boot hunt with the remote. Often found them on this show and the other classics, Whos the Boss, Threes Company, Wonder Woman. It was more exciting when you'd find them on a show you didn't expect, CSI Miami for example, and even Charlies Angel's which really only had a handful of booted episodes (but they are classics when it happened). Anyone else have a show that surprised them by giving into showing great boot fashion?


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