Wednesday, September 5, 2018

So Bruce, what's the problem with Marvel movies?

This is a still from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.  I love Brie Larson (yes, someday I will get to Free Fire and even Kong) What the fu@k is going on with....those things on her feet and calves? The Marvel movies always seem to do this (yes, Black Widow has some tolerable off-duty boots), but for the most part they just HAVE to bling things up with greaves  and catcher's knee guards and boot fans are left to wonder, "what the hell is going on out there?" Yes, football season starts tomorrow and I'm getting my Vince on.


  1. According to the internets: The change from Danvers’s four decades of thigh-high boots and bathing suits to military-inspired jumpsuit came courtesy of DeConnick’s editor, Stephen Wacker who tweeted: “There were a lot of reasons to change the costume. One big one was that I wanted my daughter to be able to dress up as Captain Marvel.” This stuff is getting pretty unisex though...

  2. The red&blue costume will be different than this greenish one. Hopefully, different enough to have proper boots.


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