Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'm ok with that

According to people who do this for a living, "Western" is one of the hot new trends this year.  This is usually accompanied by appalling shorty-cowgirl boots. At this moment I would like to inform the celeb-paps-fashion crowd that this style of western boot is COMPLETELY acceptable.  Good on ya' Rita Ora.
(Make sure you enjoy this is all its screen filling glory)


  1. I think those are fricking awesome!

    My wife has this (not as tall, but still quite tall) pair and I love them (she does too!):

    - JohnSmith14

    1. Very nice! Your wife has good taste. Hard to go wrong with a well made pair of knee high (real) leather boots.

    2. My wife chose a pair of thigh high cowboyish boots from Isabel Marant for the season. A bit avant-garde I’d admit but the quality is outstanding and for the anti-slouch crowd I’m happy to inform they’re nearly impossible to slouch due to the thick leather. And they stand roughly 31”... so I’m happy.

    3. Those are something! I'm pretty sure I couldn't convince my wife on those (it doesn't help that she doesn't care for slouchy styles)! I'd never seen that model before (and I spend a lot of time increasing my knowledge bank on high-end boots).



    4. High-end boots (and my wife wearing them) happens to be my thing. As I was running out of ideas I came across those on where they happened to be an exclusive (probably why you haven’t seen the style). My wife has worn them in California and Europe and they attract a bit more attention than the typical pair of thigh-high boots... must be the unusua color.


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