Monday, September 3, 2018

This changes everything

Actual size, actual screen-cap
From Cagney and Lacey s03e06(its a little glitchy, but not so much I'm going to spend a lot of time investigating/fixing). First thanks to jklm for the correct season/episode (previous post). Like anonymous, I had also considered  C&L to be largely unworthy of bootie consideration. Pink boot sub-plot aside, this episode still features some decent bootage. I downloaded the entire, abbreviated, season 3 and there's some quality seasonally appropriate 80's fashion bootage.  I can see how it could be disappointing as a 2nd gen VHS from an on-air source, but with a decent modern capture......
A final thought: by modern TV standards the interior scenes are really bright.  I'm sure we didn't notice at the time, but if this was an episode of Arrow......

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  1. Wow. It must be decades since I saw this but still remember it!

    James Addiction


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