Sunday, March 26, 2017

Big Mix
From Al Rojo Vivo con María Celeste NOT Maria Celeste in leather thighboots, a guest in thighboots sits with Maria, a guest on Live with Kelly shows her how it should be done and from Un Nuevo Día, Ana María Canseco pairs "leather" pants with her killer platform-y leather knee boots.

3 notes about the clip from Live With Kelly. Prior to this season I wondered if many women would go to the trouble of wearing thighboots that were virtually indistinguishable from their pants-Yes they will. AND, one of the great frustrations of this year (particularity with the shows shot in New York) is how often the studio audience was better booted than the on-air talent. Finally, the low-heeled version of the current fabric thighboot is quite similar to the "Club MTV boot" (a suede sock with a rubber flap glued to the bottom). I have gone on record saying the "Club MTV boot" holds little interest to me.....draw whatever conclusions you choose from this statement.

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