Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The very opposite of "Bad"

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From the second season premier of Into The Badlands. Is it the best leather-clad ass-kicking(bladed weapon division) ever? Probably not. Is it the best of the year? Probably. Judicious use of tolerable stunt-boots, but they know when to change into the heels.  I'd like the shaft of the boots to be higher, but they're high enough. Same with the heels, but I'm not sure they could have gotten away with heels much higher. The rest of the outfit is quite nice and I like the way the dark scenes are lit-the Underworld movies could learn a thing or two. The choreography is pretty amazing. Over the top and completely, gloriously blood-drenched, but.... The death-by-boot-heel scenes come a little too quickly for my taste, but they couldn't have done that better than last season's stunning scene.

PS ask-receive, sometimes it works like that.

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