Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mixing it up
Today's mix comes from clips that aired back in October. We've got a fashion segment with a pair of knee-scrapers mistakenly referred to as OTK's. The leathered up Soska sisters present Halloween costumes. A fashion segment presents the right way to wear thigh-high boots in the office (because, you know, 2016). A musical number with gladiator boots that made the cut today, but might not have tomorrow (or yesterday).  The perfectly dreadful Kim Zolciak boots it up. At week 5 of the NFL season Wendi Nix wears her OTK's and fears the Atlanta Falcons might "collapse down the stretch." Oh they did Wendi, at the last possible, most painful moment. An audience member picks up the slack on The Real. We wind it up with a bootcentric Supergirl promo and a Fall shoe segment.

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