Monday, March 27, 2017

While I'm uploading

I was a busy little bee yesterday. I've figured out a decent workaround to the silent clips issue and spent a nice chunk of Sunday trimming down clips. Rather than twiddle my thumbs during the long upload, I figured I share a few thoughts.

For the time being my emphasis is going to be processing the news/daytime/ephemera that I've been capturing all winter.  Two reasons-First, I've spent the last few months toiling hours a day monitoring and deleting or capturing the phenomenal amount of bootage that's been on display this season. It would be anti-climatic for me to suddenly transfer my attention to vintage/feature-films/scripted-TV. I've developed a work-flow I'm comfortable with and it's a productive use of my time. If I bothered to pull a segment off my DVR back in November, it's 100% certain to be bootie.
Which brings us to the second reason. It's been a pretty bad year for scripted TV shows.  It was almost surreal.  The morning and afternoon would be full of thigh-high boots and it seemed like the second the sun set, out came the ankle shoes. Of course there were some exceptions, but in general, the evening shows were a disappointment. Well, the uploads are finished and posted. Now it's time to clear the decks and start all over again.

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