Monday, March 20, 2017

MediaFire vs Zippyshare

Uploading of new clips should begin shortly. I'm thinking about switching from Zippyshare to Mediafire. I've becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Zippy's ad policies (no thank you I DO NOT want a free browser-bar that will speed my downloads, clean my computer and freshen my breath).  After a decade of being a file-service also-ran, Mediafire seems to be stepping up their game. I'm quite interested in their affordable "Pro" plan which gives a TB of storage and lets me offer direct-downloads to every one. At $3.50 a month it almost qualifies as "too good to be true."

Any thoughts on Mediafire vs Zippyshare (or some other file-share service?)

BTW-Into The Badlands was pretty good last night, The Widow had an extended, blood-drenched,  leather-clad ass-kicking scene (heeled kneeboots, tasty leather suit, several scenes of boot-centic action) as well as a number of walking, talking scenes in the same outfit.


  1. How about

    Good Speed and it will stay forever.

    1. Mega is under consideration, but the experience is considerably different and it doesn't play very well with Firefox. Having to walk a non-techie through downloading from Mega seems like it might be a nightmare.

    2. I have no good Feeling about Mediafire. They delete so many Files because of the Copyrights.
      Mega otherwise is encrypted. The Files will never get deleted.

    3. This is my concern about Mediafire. But, if they only take down individual files in response to a DCMA request, I'm not too concerned, but I am monitoring the situation.

  2. Mediafire is great, preferred over both Mega and Zippy.

    Can you upload the Into the Badlands sequence? Thanks.


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