Saturday, April 15, 2017

Another Mix-did you see that coming?
On tap today:A contestant on Celebrity Name Game gets all the right answers in a pair of leather OTK riders, Catt Sadler wears a tall pair of "suede" boots on E "News"(God I hate that show-the earnestness they display when discussing trivial garbage is nauseating-the boots are nice though, note you can just see the top of the shaft in that sitting shot). Ali Fedotowsky and Garcelle Beauvais (google search doubles as a great spell-check) show off two version of the grey "suede" boot.  On Home & Family (on The Hallmark Channel) Ali wears an almost cowboy-footed version that makes for a pleasant change from the flat, but remains a wearable day-boot. On Hollywood Today Live, Garcelle wears a nice spiky pair. We wrap-up with a fashion segment from The Today Show and a Wendy Williams audience member shows great taste in a pair of leather thigh-high flats.

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