Friday, April 14, 2017


"Every man living likes thigh high boots"
                                                       Steve Harvey to Tyra Banks
Sure that quote from The Steve Harvey Show is probably the highlight of this clip, but we've also got Araksya Karapetyan as a spiky heeled Wonder Woman, Paige Hemmis shows off her OTK's two different ways, the most useless woman on earth does a Hamilton parody, a brief Tamron Hall sighting that I think the esteemed Jacob Itto missed (a rare miss by the official chronicler  of Today Show bootage), the aforementioned Tyra Banks sighting and we wrap up with too long a look at Wendy Williams' Uhura costume featuring a pair of 50/50's.

Oh, it used to be that Halloween was boot-heaven for daytime TV, sadly those days seem to have passed.

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