Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Next Few Months

Right now I'm feeling more productive and focused than I have since I started this blog.  I know some of you are getting a little bored of the constant stream of daytime TV bootage. I feel your pain, but for the first time I know what I'm going to do tomorrow.  In the past I'd waste hours figuring out what I was going to post. I'd start down one direction and then get side-tracked or decide it wasn't really worth it or get distracted by any number of shiny objects. There were days when I'd sit here for 2 hours and wouldn't have a single new thing to post.

These compilation clips I'm making are the culmination of countless of hours of work I did during the winter.  Much of the time I was plagued by doubts that I'd ever really do anything with the 100's of gigabytes I was transferring from DVR to hard-drive. And now that I'm actually marching through them it feels great. A couple of days ago I decided I'd just go through the clips chronologically. When it's time to work on the blog, I know I stopped working on the the clips from Oct 27 (the day I transferred them, NOT the air-date which is lost) and I move on to the clips from the 28th.  It's liberating and productive and maybe the end result is a little monotonous. Someday I'm certain to get tired of it and move on to prime-time action shows and feature films (vintage and new).  I'll still take some detours with other clips that catch my fancy, but man, this really feels good right now.

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  1. First of all, great job on your site! It always brightens my day visiting your blog.

    Second, I've got a tip for some upcoming bootage. On Decades TV ( they'll be showing on Thu, April 27th at 8amET and Fri April 28th at 2amET, a repeat of the Dick Cavett show from 1971 where he interviews the late great Florence Henderson. She is wearing a short skirt and shiny black pvc knee highs. She is the first guest and she remains on the whole 90 minutes. Some really good views. They've got more info at their website.

    Thanks for all your effort.


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