Monday, April 10, 2017

Two Links

Somehow a page on "" popped up as a search result.  The site's own search function is sketchy, but the tags (as below) seem to work pretty well. It's far from definitive, but could be a handy tool for "who-made-those?" questions.

BTW-"Pleaser" has been making $70 stripper boots for decades. They were in business long before and have been a mainstay in the affordable flashy shoe industry for longer than many of you have been alive. Was shocked, but not too surprised, to discover that Lady Gaga wore a pair of Pleasers to the Grammys.


  1. I saw the new Power Rangers movie recently, fun and nostalgic for me and had the lovely Naomi Scott wearing some expensive looking knee high boots for a couple of scenes. Something to look out for when it's out on home release

    1. Thanks, to be honest I lost interest when I saw Elizabeth Bank's costume, but I would have checked it out on home video regardless.


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