Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It seems like so long ago

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Halloween 2016 seems so long ago. I just realized that all three women in this clip have been featured on the blog in the last week or two. 3 observations, first, Lara Spencer's Hamilton deserved better boots. More importantly, I'm a little befuddled by Tam Hall's Pretty Woman costume that features knee boots. Vivian's hooker boots are iconic (and may have ruined high boots for a decade). In a season where you could buy over-the-knee boots at the corner grocery it amazes me that they chose knee boots.....unless (time for some tin-foil-hat crazy) there was a conscious attempt to de-skank-ify thighboots.  Admittedly this is almost as unlikely as my notion that The Wendy Williams Show intentionally showcased high-boots on audience members. In my defense it gets lonely here sometimes and I have too much time to think while clips upload. Finally, in my earlier Halloween post I complained about the decline in costume bootage. This year might not have been as bad as years past, but still failed to live up to my expectations, and I blame Harley Quinn costumes!

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