Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Mix For April 4

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This 515MB, 15 minute clip is probably at the upper limits of usability.  In future I'd probably split it into two clips. But, in order from start to finish:

1. Thanks to TBenz at the NewsWomen blog for the heads up on this one. I would certainly have missed this airing and I just LOVE the outfit Ginger Zee is wearing.  I have zero problems with these fabric flatties. BTW-up until yesterday I thought I deleted this show from my DVR before I had a chance to cap it. I was practically despondent over the "loss." The level of joy I felt when I re-discovered it on my hard-drive is a sad commentary on how seriously I take this inherently frivolous pursuit.

2. The picture quality of the Wendy Williams show is pretty poor. Her boots are somewhat better.  This probably runs longer than it should, but Wendy often fidgets and fusses with her boot shafts. Of special note, they play a brief game called "Guess Who's Over-the-Knee Boots?"  One post down when I mention the hype around OTK's this year, this is the kind of thing I meant.

3. Back in day I LOVED Gloria Estefan's chaps, jacket and jeans outfit. Here it's re-created for her Broadway show. I was compelled by nostalgia to include this.

4. Home and Family (on The Hallmark Channel) continues to be bootier than it has any reason to be. Please note in this youthful vs mature fashion segment, the OTK's are considered the "mature" choice. My gut is that "mature" describes 99% of the show's audience.

5. Lynda Carter in OTK's. The boots and views are not so great, but it's Lynda Carter!

6. A reality show "personality" wears a pair of fabric OTK's

7.  A well shot interview with the lovely Patina Miller in a fetching mini/thighboot outfit that ends with her using a Hula-Hoop.

8. Giuliana Rancic wears a pair of fabric OTK's.  These last three segments highlight a minor issue. When I start the capping process I don't really know how the segment is going to turn out. In two of these cases the angles are poor and the "action" uninspiring.  In the middle one she gets up and uses a Hula-Hoop(if I'm not being clear I consider this a good thing-a very good thing). If I'm not crazy about a clip, I'll often only keep 30 seconds or so just to document the sighting. I don't think anyone would miss some of these shorter segments if I just tossed them away, but I'd already done most of the work.

Last minute add: Damnit! I just noticed I left out the still caps for the Patina Miller segment, see below-

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