Thursday, April 13, 2017

Today's Mix

In today's mix, a make-up artist gives Halloween tips in fabric thighboots. A guest on Harry wears leather OTK's (I think there are at least 4 pairs of knee boots visible on the audience). The magnificent Galilea Montijo wears a pair of less magnificent thighboots on Hoy.  It's hard for me to believe that it was over 15 years ago that she was thrilling us with her bootie ways on VidaTV(old timers may remember). Regarding her boots, note if you will the open toe and instep. When combined with a certain....fussiness around the ankle the effect is more like a pair of ankle shoes paired with stockings (they are not, but you've got to double check and that's a big minus in my book).  For me, these boots are clearly inferior to the wonderful pair we saw on Ana Patricia in yesterday's post.

Continuing, we have Lara Spencer at her day job wearing heeled suedies and at her side gig in her flats. Please note in one scene we have 4 women, 3 in riders, one in OTK's. In real life this is not that unusual a sighting. But it's unheard of in scripted TV these days. On TheFlash/Arrow/AgentsofShield/TheMagicians/Blacklist/Scorpion/Quantico/ this would be presented as a festival of ankle shoes. Bastards! We wrap up with a fashion segment on the Today Show featuring Dylan Dreyer in OTK's and from Wendy Williams, the nicely booted presenter give us one costume worth viewing.

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