Thursday, April 6, 2017

The fever breaks
So about an hour ago I uploaded a clip from The Mick (below) and it reminded me of a single booted scene that aired about 10 years ago. Search, search, click, download, wait, edit, upload, post. This clip was not worth the effort. But if I hadn't done this tonight, it would have bugged me until I did. Here's a few seconds of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S03e10.


  1. glad you scratched that itch.
    Question: we are getting a new American TV series here called Legion. In one episode, the girlfriend character seems to spend a lot of time in black knee highs. The plot is a bit of a challenge. Is there enough boot content here to justify sticking with it?

    1. Legion's a tough call that will depend on your fondness for black suede riders. She wears them a lot, but for me they're not that special and as you say the plot is a "challenge." Surreal and impenetrable have also been used to describe it. For me, so far, I would not invest time in it for the boots. I'm loosely monitoring it and based on the general costume design it could get good at any moment. In later episodes Jean Smart wears a pair of beige lace-up knee boots that are interesting and there's a white knee-high go-go boot number, but I just quickly scanned through all episode up to current and didn't see any eureka moments. A fondness for black leather gloves might tip the scales. She wears them a lot.


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