Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Fabulous Faust
Discovering  El extraño caso del doctor Fausto (1969) was a "THIS is why I do this" moment. Stumbling across an obscure, artsy Spanish version of Faust that features a solid 3 and 1/2 minutes of quality 60's thighboots is the kind of thing I dream about. And that hope of discovery is why I slog through HOURS of cheesy Christmas movies.


  1. Great that you are back! Any chance we can see some interview clips? I like those more than the ones from movies. :)

    1. If women ever start wearing boots on talk show again.....As I've mentioned before within the last few years there seems to have been a change to the "dress code." Where things used to trend towards "date-night casual," the majority of talk show guest now dress, as I've said, like they were attending a Spring Gala at the country club of the damned.

  2. I thought you might have some from a few years ago as well. Doesn't need to be from 2016.


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