Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Annex

For a variety of reasons I've always strived to keep this blog "Safe For Work."  As you can imagine, given the sheer volume of vintage movies I sample, I often stumble across boot scenes from mainstream or softcore features that contain some nudity or other naughty activity(as well as boots of course).

Which brings us to the Boot Fetish Forum at  It is DEFINITELY an adults only site. Since at least 2008 (when I joined) its been a preferred destination for people who really love boots. I visit it daily. I prefer not to link directly to the site, but you should already be a member. If not, go sign up right now(keeping in mind it can be very....adults only).  If you can't find it based on the information I just gave you, you should give up your internet privileges.

In the 8 years I've been a member, I've found the board to be sensibly moderated by individuals who's only desire (beyond boots) is to maintain a place for people with our shared passion.

Back to the reason for this post. I just created a topic in the "Blast from the Past" section where I will be periodically sharing clips which don't quite belong here on my blog.  I MAY post periodic notices here when I post something to "Blast from the Past." But it's likely to be a cryptic message along the lines of "be sure to visit my annex," without further detail.


  1. Here, here. It is a place for us. Welcome back, by the way

    The naughty annex is a great idea

  2. I had my membership "application" for that site declined a year or two back (don't know why ... no reason given), but I figure I'm not missing much as all that means is that I can't post or search. I can still view all though, it seems, so no big loss ...

  3. This may happen because we have to approve every single membership by hand. If we would not do so, we'd be flooded by spam accounts. Been there, done that, not funny at all. About 98 percent of all registrations are obviously spam, so please forgive us if an account with the name "John Smith" didn't make it. You are missing one forum section which is for members only and the ability to post. Perhaps that's not so much of a drama. If you want to join just tell me, we'll figure something out.

    Kurt, admin "over there"


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