Thursday, July 28, 2016

Karate Boots
She has some fun in a mini-gi and boots. From Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio (aka Supermen Against the Orient -1973).


  1. love the Karate boots!
    Lunchtime TV was showing Mortdecai today. The English accents are terrible, so I watched in fast forward because I'd heard Olivia Munn's boots were in it. They were. Nice. An unexpected surprise was Gwyneth Paltrow in riding pants and boots later on. Nice shot when she stands on a stool to lift down a painting. She also appears very briefly moments later in what look like flat heeled sued overknees. Nice outfits, but frustratingly short views.

  2. Great reminder. Olivia & Gwyneth are both well booted, with an equestrian flavour. Worth seeking out.

    James Addiction


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