Thursday, July 28, 2016

Well, I've got to add that to the list

I was going through some old picture folders to feed my flickr stream and I stumbled across this-

I thought "that looks like a young Lena Headey all leathered up." It is! This is from the mid 90's streetwalker drama "Band of Gold."  I had vague memories of the show, but had never bothered to seek it out. Then I read this in its wikipedia entry,-

....there's also a new prostitute on the streets, damaged and dangerous S&M specialist Colette (Lena Headey).

 S&M specialist? I've never heard it called that before.  If my fondness for Game of Thrones-era Lena was strong enough to compel me to download and trim all the episodes of  Sarah Conner....There are a number of stills and clips floating around out there, but you know me.  I had to download the complete episodes and add trimming them to the list. 

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