Wednesday, August 17, 2016

An easy choice
Sure, when I finished trimming Las adolescentes (1975) I was left with a 28 second clip. And I took one more look at those killer 70's pull-ons and I knew I had to keep it.


  1. Where are you getting all of this energy? You're on an amazing run of posts.

  2. Thanks, Honestly, I'm just staying out of my own way. I pick a chunk of files from my archives, upload them, prep and post. I don't think too much or try to get clever. I try not to jump into rabbit holes or obsess on stupid stuff.
    And you're only saying this because it's August. You and I both know that come November you're going to be twice as busy as I am right now. Get some rest, we're all counting on you. I think it's going to be quite the winter.

  3. Wonderful 70s day boots - a classic style that you'd still be happy for your lady to strut around in today.

    James Addiction


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