Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cara D does press in thighboots

I wish I remembered how I jumped into this rabbit hole, but here are some youtube clips of Cara Delevingne doing Suicide Squad press in a killer pair of black leather thigh boots.

A nice kick-up and tug at around :26, more views throughout

Same backdrop, same day, after around 4 minutes they move on to less interesting cast members.

27 minutes filled with glimpses of her boots.


  1. See, now this is where we get spoiled. As a younger man, this would have been like the greatest thing ever. But in this day and age (and believe me, I'm thankful for this), this is just "really, really good."

    A glimpse of thigh-high, high-heeled, leather boots in the mainstream world -- even in popular media -- was very rare once upon a time. Now, a well-time stroll through a major department store in the right time of year could yield several such in-person sightings just in the cosmetics section!

    Thanks for these! Very good!

  2. did you know that she just filmed movie "Valerian" she is his companion Laureline. in cartoons she allways has somekind of boots.


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