Thursday, August 18, 2016

SuperGirl pt3
In this compilation of Supergirl s01e15,e16 and e18 they get it wrong twice and right once. The Mystique-clone is wearing dreadful ankle shoes AND they completely blow evil-twin. Apparently exposure to red kryptonite gives Kara a bad attitude and just makes her want to get drunk and fu@k. Early on, she steps on a man's throat (nice) and puts her feet up on the furniture (almost as nice). But as she gives into wickedness, she dons a cotton-spandex jumpsuit just like her aunt.  What is wrong with you people? It's clear as day.....Evil Twins Wear Boots! Everybody knows that. They don't wreak havoc in boring jumpsuits.

And then, the show finally, just once, gets it right. Banshee finally shows up in a proper pair of OTKs (bone-colored over black leather-a nice touch) And we even see her daylight! This is how villainesses are supposed to dress.

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