Monday, August 22, 2016

Now THAT'S an upgrade
You may recall that back in February I stumbled across a clip of Celine Dion being helped into her nearly crotch-high boots.  That version was barely DVD quality. I vowed to find a better version. This is a pretty good 1080p version. The pull-on close-ups seemed to be filmed with inferior cameras, but the performance footage is pretty glorious. But the whole thing is quite nice. There's more (much more) performance footage in these boots, but I wanted to do a quicky trim of the pull-on scene and left in just enough to reach zippyshares size limit.  I wanted to do a slo-mo/repeat version, but I quickly reached my frustration limit.

BTW-I've been meaning to mention-zippyshares preview function is quite good, but I believe that the downloaded version is usually much higher quality.

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  1. Oh Yea, I totally agree. This IS an UPGRADE!!!


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