Thursday, August 18, 2016

SuperGirl pt4
This compilation of Supergirl S01e19 and e20 begins with an epic fight with a stunning leather clad ass-kicker, who's wearing nauseating ankle shoes.  It calms down a bit and then features a number of daylight scenes, including a few close-ups.

I may say some mean things about this show, but I really do appreciate it. I don't watch it of course, but it seems fun and provides quality bootage on a regular basis. Supergirl was never going to be wearing high-heeled boots and it's a miracle they put her in decent OTK's. The cape gets in the way sometimes, and that secret base needs more lightbulbs, but I've seen darker shows. I was glad to see that in season 2 they're keeping the boots and I hope they step up the footwear on the other characters.

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