Wednesday, August 17, 2016


So, I've been trimming down last season's Supergirl episodes and thinking about how the show can improve now that it's been renewed and moved to its more natural home on The CW. Pictures from the set show that Kara is keeping her stylish and functional OTK's. BUT costuming like this from the first season HAS to improve.
This is how Kryptonian villainesses dress-
That Star Trek NextGen suit has got to go. Almost across the board, every female antagonist on this show has been poorly costumed. AND Chyler Leigh's off-duty outfits could use an upgrade. It's time to put the long national ankle-shoe nightmare behind us.


  1. Fetch me some eye bleach. Vile, prim waste of space ankle shoes.

    Yes, predictably, I will react in this way. I cannot stop myself.

    James Addiction

  2. Sarah Douglas in those boots, from Superman, seem awesome (never seen the movie). Just too bad that on the "V" (The Visitors) trilogy (TV 80's) that all the female actresses wore riding style boots, except for Jane Badler (later in series) wore an heel or wedge boots for a short time. In some scenes, it looks like that she (Jane) was having some trouble walking in them, IMO.....

  3. Sarah Douglas..............(just drooling now) good as boots get!


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