Friday, August 19, 2016

Another "Class" upgrade

Now in 1080p
The ridiculous exploitationer Class of 1984(1982) features a pretty famous pair of boots (they were on the video box). Here's an HD upgrade over this SD version.


  1. Hi Bruce

    just like to say that I am verry happy that you are back


  2. Hey Bruce -

    There seems to be a problem here. The larger file is named
    "classof1984.720edit.z01" and the "z01" extension is not recognized (there is no icon for the file). If I double-click it, a pop-up says "Error in packed file..."

    1. I just double checked, they work fine for me, download both of them, make sure they're in the same folder and then unpack the .zip file and it should work fine.


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