Thursday, August 25, 2016

Now they're just trying to kill me

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I don't care what material these boots are made of (of what material these boots are made?). I like them! The knee folds, the cuff, the high vamp, the spiky heel, the pointy toe. I would change very little about these. That post right below this one? I wasn't talking about boots like this. Don't these people know I've got a stack of updates already to go?

I've jumped down many rabbit holes by thinking, "I'll just check The Daily Mail before I get started." So here's the quick result and then it's back to "work."

You may have heard about that snapchat video. Here it is. Here's an article about it-
How Demi Lovato Gets Into Her Thigh-High Boots During Concerts
Here's a link to a better quality clip, but it contains 25 seconds of other stuff-

Here's a clip from last night's concert where she debuted her new beige boots-
this guy had decent seats and has uploaded a number of clips from the night, if you want more check out his channel.
Same beige boots, different seats (I think)
Couple of nights ago, decent view of her black thighboots.

Too much Demi Lo in thighboots, brain on overload.  Tons out there. Now returning to originally scheduled programing.

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