Friday, August 5, 2016

No, another Wynonna
Wynonna Earp is a SyFy show that wrapped up its first season back in June(and has been renewed for a second season).  Wynonna is a classic leather-clad ass-kicker who keeps a gun in her boot. This is s01e01 and it's pretty much typical for the entire 13 episodes (except for 2 or 3 eps towards the end where she switches to puffy snow boots?)  Her boots could be a little taller and have a bit more heel, but everything else is just about perfect(IMO).  In fact, I would say that any boot shortcomings are made up for by SHOOTING OUTDOORS IN DAYLIGHT! If you watch many sci-fi/fantasy/action shows you know how many scenes are ruined by darkness. And yes, the bed-top interrogation scene is short on visible boots, but I think its a great introduction to the character(and I like it). 

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