Friday, August 5, 2016

Now it's a million and one

A reader sent me this-

Yet another fashion writer explicitly makes the Pretty Woman connection. And wears OTK's anyway. But did we need this much snark?


  1. What a weird article. For someone who covers fashion for a major newspaper, to think that the term "OTK" is "new" to her, or that she's not seemed to have noticed that they've been in vogue for a good 5 years now, is very odd.

    1. Newspapers can't pay very well anymore?

    2. She essentially admits to being behind the times by writing that they "need little introduction" but then goes on to describe how she "introduced" herself to them recently.

      And, as usual, things that are "new" to the columnist become new in general, thus making themselves central to everything. The term OTK has been around for a long time, but not under her watch they haven't been.

  2. I presume you guys know The Guardian? Very left wing paper which promotes anything 'radical' - ie radical feminism, veganism etc. They famously said about KH boot wearing without tights:
    "If it's too warm for tights, it's too warm for boots". I was frankly amazed that their fashion writer even countenanced OTK boots.

    If anyone does Twitter, take a look at this account. It is not a parody, all headlines are real: @SoMuchGuardian

    James Addiction


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