Saturday, August 6, 2016

While I'm uploading

I've got a couple of day's worth of clips uploading and I want to take this opportunity to address an issue that's been on my mind. I LOVE comments from readers. They really make me feel like I'm connecting and that those couple of thousand page views I get each day are "real" people. I get an e-mail whenever somebody leaves a comment and I read EVERY one. I'm very thankful for the tips. I've discovered many movies and shows because of reader input.

BUT, I have to remember I no longer have customers. I have readers. I'm not making a penny off this and I don't have to spend any time worrying if people will like this or that. Or if I'm presenting too many action girls and not enough couture. Or, any of the 100 other weird thoughts I have.  And I need to keep in mind that I don't have to spring into action every time someone gives me a tip or asks a question.

Once I started posting again, I noticed that suddenly I was losing focus and had multiple unfinished projects.  Usually this is simply because I am not well. But a secondary cause is me jumping on hare-brained ideas sparked by a reader comment. I can get overwhelmed if I get one or two of those and add them to what I'm already working on.

So, I really do love to hear from you guys. BUT, I can't start a whole new project every time somebody says, "Have you ever?"


  1. Post for you; what you dig ... enough of us will find enough content to enjoy, for sure ... on my old blog, some folks complained about the suede or the flat, but no worries. To each his own ...

    That said -- the Cher stuff is gold! Thanks for that.

  2. It's your blog-U do as you please. The rest of us are on just for the ride. Sometimes that ride can be smooth, others bumpy. Yes, I know all bout getting off track on things, esp. of things of this nature. Have your mind set on 1 thing only to be fouled up by something else or 2. Well there goes the days project. Stay on the straight & narrow.....tho do have to input an open mind should remain just that-open. You never know what you may miss out on....


  4. Bruce, I really like the effort you put in. Just keep on doing what you've been doing. I agree with John above that all of us will find something to enjoy. Just keep the boot content coming! (And I'm also counting the days until the archives can be available in the public domain.)

  5. You need to check out this girl on youtube: She has a lot more where this came from. Also if you like QVC, you need to see this, about 4 minutes in. Trust me:

  6. This is now my favourite 'go to' place for boot content on the web. I like to leave comments as way of contribution. I don't want to consume the content in silence; I appreciate the effort that goes into curating all this content - I know a lot of people missed this blog recently (I hope John Smith will reconsider his decision and start up again, too!)

    James Addiction


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