Sunday, August 31, 2014

Made For Walking Blog

An old friend brought this to my attention. I haven't had a chance to study it in depth, but it looks really good.

Please Enjoy:

Worst/Best Family in America

I found this picture on Marydoll442000's clean and enjoyable photostream and had to make a comment here. If you've been living under a rock (somedays I'd like to join you) these are the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. I'd love to say I hate them, but as individuals they seem to occupy a spectrum of entitled awfulness and if I had unearned wealth and fame thrust upon me, I'm not sure how I'd respond(but it probably wouldn't be pretty). What I do know is that I hate the "culture" that gives them that wealth and fame. I grew up in a world with Charo (yes she COULD play guitar)and Zsa Zsa Gabor, so I'm used to people who are famous just for being famous. But the machine that hypes and supports this crowd and the whole spectrum of their "reality" show ilk seems to be spinning out of control and there are millions of people who enjoy it. Yes I'd love to hate these sisters, but then I see a picture like this and think, "What the hell, give me more bread & circuses."

Vintage FemDom Update in Flickr

Added some vintage fem-dom shots to my photostream. Some of them may feature naked people, you've been warned. BTW-there's a lot of pics of Jennifer Jordan in this group. She was arguably the "face" of femdom publishing for most of the 70's.
All of these have been tagged as "moderate" so if you have safe search on you won't see anything.

Blood Type Unknown Link Fixed

Thanks to bootbabe for letting me know the link to Blood Type Unknown was terminally borked.

Here's a working link-
(Link also fixed in post)
zippyshare is the only file host I've ever used that's makes it easier to download than upload.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Veronica Lake in Crotch High Boots in This Gun For Hire (1942)

This is the third time I've uploaded a version of this clip, and I think each time the quality improves. Last time was in 2010 to some long dead version of Celeboots. One more time-

In "This Gun For Hire" Miss Veronica Lake performs a fishing themed singing magic act.. Fitting the theme she's wearing a rain slicker and "waders" with about a three inch heel. Listening to the lyrics (and seeing her thigh high boots) it's not hard to imagine the song's not REALLY about fishing. Oh, I agree with Detective Wendell 'Bud' White, Lynn Bracken is better looking than Veronica Lake (I've seen L.A. Confidential WAY too many times).

Sorry, no youtube

A Party Girl In OTK's from Blood Type Unknown (2013)

In the completely forgettable low budget horror flick "Blood Type Unknown"(2013) an actress who's name I'm not going to bother finding out wanders about in a leather jacket, mini-skirt and boots in that neither region between thigh high and over the knee. There's some other less great boots towards the end. I would love to find some other significance to this clip, but sometimes, it's just boots for boots sake.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Boots in a desperate attempt to make us laugh

Why I prefer comedy bootage
This is what happens when I'm browsing my hard-drive looking for a "theme"
(Warning-this is a silly and self-indulgent post, with at least two unrelated rants-please ignore the text)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, TV dramas often feature large casts with multiple costume changes per episode. Also the way they're filmed often does not allow for frequent boot views. Sit-coms on the other hand will usually only feature 2 or 3 cast members who may be booted AND often feature only 2 or 3 costume changes per episode. The way comedies are shot often allows more of the middle range shots that offer the best boot viewing. And they are usually brightly lit.  And they're only 22 minutes long. So with boots in comedy our theme, lets look at 4 episodes of one remarkably un-funny show.

This is S02E14-15 of Melissa and Joey. Everybody's favorite teen-age witch is back and sometimes wears decent heeled black kneeboots (as we see here). In this 2 episode arc there's some kind of foolishness involving a guest star who thankfully is seen in black leather OTK's. This is the point in the process where I think this is the dumbest thing I've ever done and just want to chuck the whole thing and go catch-up on Dr. Who. But I've already done 90% of the work and of course it's a stupid idea, but look BOOTS!
And at this point I just want to say fudge Youtube, fudge them in the asp. The uploaded resolution of this clip was 1276X716 so they downscaled it to 640X360, the second clip is 1280X720 and is presented in proper 720HD. For the want of 4 measly pixels they shrunk my video by almost half. If it wasn't a free service....but it is an important lesson and just one of the reasons why I always provide a zippyshare link.

Taylor Spreitler is that sit-com archetype, a 20 year old playing a middle-class high school student with a million dollar wardrobe and a professional stylist. I have to admit whoever dresses her usually does a pretty good job. She's never before worn the 20 hole Doc Martins we briefly see at the beginning of the clip (and they wouldn't be in this clip at all if she didn't try to awkwardly take them off-S03E28). The second outfit is nice (IMO) and I like her black leather OTK's(S03E32). And at this point I have grown deeply weary of Melissa and Joey and can't wait to hit the submit button.

In Thigh High Boots, this "ViciousBlonde"(1968) makes him pay

In this scene from 1968's "Vicious Blondes, director Nick Phillips (AKA Nick Millard or Jan Anders or often just uncredited) shows his trademark love of boots. All things considered an above average showing for a slightly below average pair of crotch high 60's style boots(they should be tighter on the leg-but just the phrase "crotch-high 60's style boot sets the bar pretty high). This might be his only extended boot scene without nudity, and he makes good use of it while showcasing one of his other "skills," the inability to properly light a scene. A lengthy discussion of the charms of Nick Phillips would be best reserved for a forum devoted to bad movies. Lets just say fans of cine du stink find Mr Millard to be a film maker of charming ineptitude and un-earned pretentiousness.

In Blue OTK's, Mary J. Blige performs on Dancing With The Stars

In 2011, The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and boots appeared on Dancing With The Stars in VERY spiky blue over the knee boots and a fetching military outfit.

The Youtube version of this looks better than usual. They seem to do a better job with modern 720 than with older dvd-rips

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Booted Angel (by request)

A good friend mentioned a classic episode of Charlie's Angels with quality bootage.  With him supplying a decent description, I was able to track this down.

Biker Babe Additions to my PhotoStream

I REALLY like vintage biker babe shots. I added over 40 of them to photostream (people using "safesearch" will only see about 30).

A Test YouTube Welcoming Video

Youtube recommends (almost nags really) that you make an introductory clip to welcome new visitors to your "channel." I've never really played with montages before, but almost as a test of concept I threw together some classic clips and edited them down to the very essence. I was thinking of iconic bootcentric moments that most bootlovers would recognize immediately and think "this guy knows his stuff, what else does he have?" I'm fond of the result, but it's clearly a first draft. I welcome feedback about other clips that feature both modern and classic bootage. Because of the deep grudge I hold against Pretty Woman, their won't be any Julie Roberts on this clip, but I already have a Jane Fonda clip in mind.
This version is a lot more fem-dommy than I'm looking for, and I'm going to lose the "3 the Hard Way" clip at the end and break up the Mord Sith/Breakout Kings/SVU block. Anybody have suggestions?

OTK's (and others) on Dallas

The re-boot of "Dallas" occupies my least favorite niche in boot tv(the Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars zone). Unlike Lost Girl Or Once Upon A Time, it's not a guaranteed bootfest and but unlike a hospital drama or ANY of the Law & Order franchise, there is a good chance of some bootage. BUT the cast is so large and costume changes so frequent that spending much time with any given pair of boots is unlikely. So episodes clutter my hard-drive waiting for review.

During my spot check of the most recent episode (S03E10) I happened upon a lovely young lady in a great zippered leather coat and magnificent black leather OTK's(and we're treated to a full walking intro-the only view of those boots in the entire episode). Turns out she's a recurring character who has apparently just re-invented herself as some kind of femme fatal drug-lord wannabe - and is likely to return next week.  If you actually watch the show and I'm getting the details wrong........I don't really care. I'm just here for the boots.

Anyway, here's two nice 1080 clips. One features most of the bootage in the episode, aforementioned OTK's (with repeats at the end) and a nice pair of heeled black knee boots on Jordana Brewster (with a close-up) and a average (at best) pair of suede knee-highs on the completely superior Brenda Strong (who I have loved since Seinfeld). The second clip features only the repeats of the OTK walk-in and really I hit the repeat button a few too many times, I get carried away. The second clip is also on YouTube. (all the boots)

 ---------------------------------------------------------------- (just the OTK's and TOO many repeats)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blogging A Dead Horse

I wish I could say that title is the only pun I'll ever use on this blog, but that would be a lie.

I don't REALLY want to make another post extolling the virtues of flickr, but just this morning I made a flickr discovery that illustrates all the things I like about that site.
If you post pictures, you receive a notification in your feed that someone "faved" a picture (along with a thumbnail of the pic). Someone faved 4 that I am fond of (two Maureen O'Hara's, Sophie Marceau  in that musketeer movie and Kat VonD). I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked out all his faves.

We all have specific tastes beyond just the broad umbrella of "boots." For me, its boots, over the knee and worn over pants. Heel height is largely unimportant and "worn over pants" is actually more important than "over the knee."  I know there are a lot of boots-with-spiky-heel-and-hosiery (or bare leg) fans, but I'm not one of them. And I certainly don't mind some fem-dommy imagery, but I don't really like to be surprised by ultra-fetish or splooge shots (which can sneak up on you on flickr)

So,  the favorites of "kingtsang2008911" are EXACTLY what I like. I've seen many of them before, but there's something rewarding about stumbling across somebody elses gallery of 1,818 pics that I really like. Again, they might not be exactly what you like, but right now, somebody on flickr is probably creating a list of faves that is.

 (I haven't looked at all 1,800 pics, but so far haven't seen a single NSFW image in his faves)


Poor Bootage in Sin City 2

If these are your idea of good "boots" you'll love Sin City 2

Saw Sin City 2 Sunday night. As a film it completely lacked the spark that made the first one so enjoyable. For bootage it was also a complete disappointment. Yes there were a few background glimpses of decent thighboots (3 seconds max), but other than that it seemed they went out of their way to piss us off. No boots on Eva Green, but no great surprise given her character. Rosario Dawson and Jamie Chung go on an extended action mission in pumps and thigh-high STOCKINGS and some kind of forgettable gladiator sandals (I think , I don't really remember.....not a good sign).

Infinitely worse was the missed opportunity that was  Jessica Alba. For a "sexy" stripper she had about the worst taste in boots I've ever seen, shorty cowboy boots and a truly hideous pair of flat ankle boots. If the movie had been anywhere near as enjoyable as the first, I could forgive poor bootage, but the movie was un-involving and horrific footwear choices only made it worse.

In fact, the clip below probably features 80% of the decent bootage in the whole film

In White Thigh Boots They Stand

In these scenes from The Holy Mountain (1973) we have several helpers in mini-skirts and white thigh high platform boots. And yes it is a weird ass movie, but that's par for the course from director Alejandro Jodorowsky. BTW-this is the "clean" edit. My first edit had a brief scene with a woman with bare-breasts and an outfit that looked like Abba meets Lady GaGa. The boots were only knee-high and it was brief. Had the boots been better (or the scene longer) I might have figured out a way to include it.