Wednesday, November 25, 2015

‘Blindspot’ Star Jamie Alexander Helps Hoda Get New Ink

Blindspot might be watchable if Jamie's character dressed like this.

Talk Boot
Talk Stoop has an almost perfect chat-show set up.  An attractive hostess conducts interviews on the stoop of a brownstone. The camera is at a low, full-body angle. Yes, it would be perfect if Cat Greenleaf (or frankly even her guests) ever  wore boots. Thankfully Rosie Perez finally stepped up and wore a decent pair of OTK's. Dr Morgus supplies a bootcentric edit above, while the official youtube below is the complete interview.

A Home & Family Booted Christmas
Nothing says Christmas quite like gathering on a patch of fake snow on a mid-November night on the Universal Studios Backlot in Hollywood(I doubt it was much below 65 degrees).  But since it's Home & Family (on the Hallmark Channel), there are boots a plenty. In fact I think I may have lost track at 8 pairs.  Give Thanks to Dr Morgus from helping me through my dismal holiday slump, and of course for this clip.

A Home & Family guest in thigh boots!
Boots that climb above the knee on "family members" of Home & Family (on the Hallmark Channel) have become commonplace. In fact in this episode Paige Hemmis is wearing her black leather OTK's, but the stop the presses moment comes from a booted guest.  Actress Kelly Le Brock wore a fab pair of suede thigh boots. This clip come to us with my great thanks to Dr Morgus. (or something clever like that).

I Can't think of a title

The two files above (courtesy of  Anonymous) are .rar files and will require the usual software to unpack.  Somebody (thank you by the way) left me these links as a little present.  A nice bootcentric edit of the interview that can be found below-

Seriously, I have major writers block right now. I've spent the last hour staring at the screen, listening to System of a Down and typing at about 2 words a minute trying to get ANYTHING done.

Oh that Kim

Renowned boot-girl Kim Horcher should be no stranger to you.  I've highlighted her on a few occasions and Tamaro at the Booted NewsWomen Blog has devoted an entire wing to her magnificence.   Kim is best known for her work as hostess of  NerdAlert, but  I recently stumbled across her work with WhatTheFlick, a youtube "wrap-up" channel.  Searching the channel for "Horcher" will display all the shows she done.  Being Kim she's booted in almost all of them. For your convenience I've sorted out a sampler of 6 which feature long, couch-based discussions with Kim wearing tasty over the knee boots.

A better man than I
My good friend anonymous shared this video with me. It is every moment of decent bootage in the Netflix series Jessica Jones. You would think that a series about a hard-living former super-heroine would feature more than a tiny flash of suede over the knee bootage.  You'd think. I suppose you'd love this show if you had a fondness for calf-high moto boots. But I don't, so....

Thanks to anonymous for the clip. I sampled a few episodes and couldn't bear to scan through any more.

More Tabby, More Boots
Gotham (s02e10) gave us a nifty fight scene between Tabby and Alfred. I didn't bother to trim any of it, so it might run a little long for purists, but fight-lovers will find much to enjoy. Note the elevator scene where they make a point of showing the silhouette of her boots in the skylight.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The not-so-great-lands

The first episode of Into The Badlands featured about .5 of a second of The Widow getting out of a car on a rainy night. She was probably wearing boots, but there was so much rain and the shot was so brief that it was hard to tell. Extra points however for her leathered up lady chauffeur, who was also seen so briefly it was hard to make out any details.

Episode two began brilliantly with a walking close-up of the spiky boots we saw on The Widow here.  There were few new views after than before the magnificent fight scene we had already seen began(which is presented in stellar 1080p below).

The Widow spent the rest of the episode in the outfit above, which features some of the most god awful clunky ankle shoes I've ever seen.  Ridiculous.  To add to the disappointment her army of fighting femmes wears (so far) cotton robes and dull suede calf boots over black pants.

Additionally, I learned the show has a limited run of only 6 episodes which means we've already seen a full 1/3 of the entire show.  My ardor for Into The Badlands is cooling, but I'm still going to follow every episode.
Except for a very nice walking close-up at the beginning this is mostly just a substantial upgrade from the youtube rip found here.  

Mary J. Blige in "The Wiz"

Technically boots on The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul (& boots).  Nice close-up, but my money is on the leather gauchos.

Monday, November 23, 2015

2015 AMA's Karen Fairchild
The bootage at the 2015 American Music Awards was quite decent and what you'd expect from a year that appears to  mark the beginning of another boot cycle.  I certainly didn't expect anything like singer Karen Fairchild's near-crotch-high patent boots. I am flabbergasted. I'm hoping to find a better quality version or some stills, but my holiday season family airport shuttle duty begins today. I wanted to get this up and the clock is ticking.

2015 AMA's Mix

More Here
There was a decent spattering of boots throughout the 2015 American Music Awards. Certainly, the most interesting  pair covered the legs of Jenny McCarthy, but Joe Jonas's guitarist and one of his back-up choir was booted as well as two other presenters. If I cared enough I would find out who they were. 

2015 AMA's Demi
File this under "not that big a surprise." At the 2015 American Music Awards, Demi Lovato performed in high suede boots. Sadly in her duet with Alanis Morissette, both singers wore ankle shoes.


If you've been searching youtube for boots for a couple of years, you surely remember June Marie Liddy.   Her channel disappeared about 18 months ago, but she routinely uploaded videos of her sampling her deep closet of boots (& catsuits & bathing suits & I Dream of Jeannie costumes) all while urging her friends to eat right and get regular exercise.

It was a sad day when her channel went away and a happy one when it returned.  June's a unique lady.  She seems quite genuine in her passion for healthy living and is more than happy to show off her boots.  The world is a better place now that she's returned.

Here's a link a playlist she created-

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Claudia Ospina Shows Off Her Thigh Boots
Weather reporter for Noticias Univision Claudia Ospina shows high style in this clip from the high minded Dr Morgus.

Thigh Boots on the beach
Most people don't wear side-zip black leather thigh boots on the beach. Candice Cuoco did on the finale of Project Runway, and Dr. M was smart enough to capture it for us.

Becki G Hearts Boots
Newcomer Becky G sings in thigh boots at the iHeartRadio Fiesta. Thanks to Dr Morgus for the clip.