Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Well, that settles it

It's pretty clear to me at this point that I cannot control myself on youtube. I've had a tab open to a Pretty Little Liars aftershow for a couple of weeks (thanks Tam!) and I figured I'd poke around......a little.  "Aftershows" are just too easy and crushingly addictive. Once I find a good one (couch set, female participants),  I HAVE to sample each one for that series. Because, you know I'm compulsive.

Here's some I've found that I feel have merit. I'm going to try to limit this to OTK's with multiple HD views. It will not be a complete list-much like Outfit of the Day videos these lead to massive browser blooms. But sharing these will make me feel like I didn't waste the whole morning.
nothing OTK, but 3 pairs of knee boots-the PLL shows are often knee-bootie
Oh, MY! Just as my interest begins to wan.....spiky leather OTK's over shiny black pants....if you like that sort of thing.
What mad compulsion drives me forward? I have grown weary of this quest and yet I am compelled forever onward.

That's it for now. I wish I could say I was finished, but I've merely found a logical stopping point.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Of course I wasn't done

Found 2 more. See the post below

Now I think I'm done.....with that one channel.

Saint Laurent - Spring / Summer 2016 Panel Discussion

This leads to this leads to that.

I was looking into Vetements, the company that brought us the waist high boots Rihanna wore at the VMA's. I stumbled across SHOWstudio a youtube channel that regularly hosts hour long discussions about designer collections.  Sometimes they're behind a desk, sometimes (at least twice) they're sitting without visual obstacle and  include a woman in white thigh-high boots-for a whole goddamn hour!  I've become so jaded this is only of passing interest. But I remember 40 years ago when 7 TV channels and the public library were my only sources for boot-stuff.

Trust me, it's better now.

Last minute add, here another hour long chat with a different woman wearing different white thigh-high boots-

There's probably more, but I'm going to stop now.

One last observation-I thought it was a little silly that they'd spend an hour talking about a single collection. Then I remembered I routinely watch hour-long wrap-ups of a single hour long episode of Game of Thrones, so I choose not to judge.

Miss Klum 1
(Download BOTH of them, THEN un-zipp them)

So, I'm still dealing with the boot-valanche that was the 2016 VMA's and Heidi Klum shows up on the James Corden show (The Late Late Show with James Corden-08/29/16) wearing a great leather dress and fuchisa (?) suede knee scrapers.  AND I scored a good looking copy. After working with that fuzzy, artifact-y version of the VMA's it was nice to see a good looking video. A wonderful appearance. This is ALL of Heidi's scenes. The clip below was simply chopped in the middle.

I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify the terminology I'll be using going forward. I will be referring to boots like Heidi's as suede, even if they might not be animal hide. Those are clearly boots. Minor quibbles aside, I don't really understand a boot-fan who has a serious problem with these. NOW fabric or stocking boots(which we've seen far too much of this summer) are a different beast altogether. I have an open and affirming attitude towards all boots (ankle shoes excluded) and even I have a hard time with those open-toed sweat-socks with a sole glued on to them.

So, suede=Bruce likes and fabric=Bruce would like to burn.

Miss Klum 2
Heidi Klum on James Corden. An edited, single file version of the clip above.

VMA 6a
(Download BOTH of them-THEN join them)
Sure, during a normal year, Beyonce performing an 11 minute version of Lemonade wearing shiny OTK's and then being joined by a large troupe of dancers wearing mid-thigh boots would clearly be the best bit of the night. Or maybe even the only boots of the night. This is not going to be a normal year.

The clip right below this is just a trimmed down version of this one. I'm not crazy about the image quality of these VMA clips. I've got a line on better quality versions, but they'll be HUGE. Right now I've had enough of the whole thing and just want to do something else. Like upload a Heidi Klum clip.

VMA 6b
A trimmed version of the clip above featuring only the last section with the squad of thighbooted dancers.

What kind of show was the 2016 VMA's? Britney Spears in gold thighboots barely deserves mention.

I believe that Rihanna's third performance at the 2016 VMA's may have featured the most square yardage of boot shaft ever on a single stage. I'm still wrapping my brain around this.  Back in the 90's there was a famous picture of a super model (Helena Christensen?) holding up a pair of boots that was almost taller then she was. I think Rihanna might be wearing those boots(I know they're "Vetements X Manolo Blahnik"-whatever that means). In addition to Rihanna's chest high boots, her dancers are all wearing shiny chap-boots.

Here's the clip on

You might see a better version of this, but.......and I never thought I'd say this.......those might be TOO much boot. Again, I'm still wrapping my brain around this.

Nicki Minaj completely outbooted Ariana Grande at the 2016 VMA's.

Here's a version on youtube-

For her first number at the 2016 VMA's Rihanna wore what appears to be badly fitted orthopedic devices and fuzzy bedroom slippers. Thank God her dancers were wearing fetching over the knee boots.

BTW-this is a pretty poor capture and the flashing-light cotton-candy nightmare set makes this a pretty rough clip.

Here's the perf on MTV.Com

Mary J Blige performs an introduction at the 2016 VMA's. If I know the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul (and boots) these are genuine suede thighboots. Maybe I could have tacked this onto another clip. Maybe, but for now.....NEXT!

This is what gets me EVERYTIME

So, I've got a full plate of MTV award clips almost ready to go. And then I see what Heidi Klum wore on  James Corden last night and I want to expend all my effort towards that newest sighting while ignoring the clips that are 98% ready to go.  One shiny new thing after another leaving a trail of half finished posts in their wake. Not this time! Heidi can just wait her turn.

Belinda Carlisle Interview Patrick keilty 2002

My esteemed colleague Tamaro Benz is correct, Belinda Carlisle boot sightings are exceedingly rare. Here's one of them. Thanks for tip!

40 very long days
Back in the day we went batsh!t over this scene from 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002). That says everything about the great post-Pretty Woman boot drought.  This stretchy spade-heeled boot was The Thighboot of 2001-02. It made several notable appearances and might have been one of the catalysts that drove the renaissance to come. But at the time, the lace-up loggers we see in the middle section would have been the much more common boot.

Phantogram Performs 'You Don't Get Me High Anymore' | 2016 Video Music A...

If fabric boots have a polar opposite, it's these high and shiny numbers. More here-

Some highgloss kink in their proper music video

There's probably more out there.

Monday, August 29, 2016

An Announcement

For about a week now, I've had a medium size real-world chore I've been dreading and avoiding.  I have told myself no more work on the blog (and a dramatic scale-back of boot hunting) until I complete my real-world duties. If I just focus, I could probably finish in less than 8 hours. As I may have shared with you, I have focus issues.

I will return when I have finished. It might be later today, but I have to draw the line. For some reason I think making a public announcement will spur me to action. Or I'm just finding another delaying tactic.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Marie O and a multitude of black boots
A clip from The Donnie and Marie Show. What they lack in height, they make up for in numbers.

Hard Target 2a
Hard Target 2 is not a great movie. Rhona Mitra wears a GREAT outfit in it. This is the best scene. Throughout the movie Rhona's pants changed from shiny to matte and back again. My fingers and brain are not on speaking terms this morning.