Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sixties "tuck" part one

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"The Tuck" didn't really catch on until the mid 70's, but early examples exist (and are of special interest to folks like me).   I'm guessing this New Orleans cemetery shoot was unauthorized (and that somebody opened the un-developed film cans when they shouldn't have).  IMO-this clip features "action-girls," while the clip below is a "leather-clad ass-kicking machine" despite only a tiny bit of leather. 

Sixties "tuck" part two

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"The Tuck" as seen in Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965)...with bits of the "leather-clad ass-kicking machine" thrown in.

Bootkrazy: Monique and Katherine in Over the Knee Leather boots

A while back I shared a youtube clip from BootKrazy. I finally took the plunge and purchased the video above. I'm a complete sucker for buckled leather OTK flats.  I used paypal and the process was quick and smooth. The video is high quality and as advertised.  I'm very happy with the purchase. I can strongly recommend going to their youtube channel or website and browsing around. If you find something you think you might like, go ahead and take the plunge. Quality stuff there.

From Oct 2013, Mostly Home Improvment stuff

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A mixed bag, mostly HG-TV stuff, but note the delightful Katie Wagner wearing leather, buckled OTK flats (see one post above) from Wipeout. About the final third of this is an episode of Property Brothers featuring a booted mom and adult daughters rehabbing a house.  I first saw this episode in a hotel room on a trip with my wife. I had no way to record it at that time. To say that finding this episode became a major obsession of mine is an understatement. It was such a relief when it finally re-aired a few years later.

From Oct 2013 part a

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Lots of Michelle Beadle in this one. I think she's great and will NEVER understand why ESPN has always treated her so shabbily.