Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life's a Circus

It it wasn't for the re-boot scene, Circus World (1964) probably doesn't make the cut. That being said, it is a good looking print, there's a brief view of a lady lion tamer and personal fave Claudia Cardinale sports "The Big Valley."  I call it that because the TV show The Big Valley often featured both Linda Evans and Barbara Stanwyck wearing solid footed black riders paired with a full skirt that just barely covered the knees.

As an illustration

Apparently Rich Kids of Instagram is a show(?).  No doubt it airs on one of those cable networks that exist only to provide fodder for the idiocracy's unquenchable hunger for "reality" programing.  It seems dreadful in every meaningful way, but...look she's wearing "this-summer's-boots." You may know that most summers don't even have boots and this year the hottest trend for July is "suede" thigh high boots. Why the fu@k not?

The trend has even made it to my sun-baked and un-fashionable corner of the galaxy. We had dinner last night at a bar/restaurant and one of the patrons was wearing a pair of Weitzman knock-offs. It had been a 100 degree day (and had cooled to a 94 degree evening) and some twenty-something was wearing a pair of thigh boots. The oddest thing was that it didn't appear that she was heading for a hot night out, rather that she was at the end of a day by the pool.  She was wearing a very casual shirt-dress, her hair was in a messy bun and she had that disheveled baked&glazed look that Southern Californians can instantly recognize as "day by the pool."  I just don't know what's going on anymore.

It's gotta be quality!

You know a movie has to be classy when it stars both Steven Seagal and Vinnie Jones(my keyboard appears to me missing its sarcasm button). Anyway here's Mercenary:Absolution(2015). We see some decent leather knee boots (with that weird half-cuff over the foot-points off for that) worn with a mini and "leather" pants. We also see some pretty obvious stunt "boots."

I like that book
(Yes, two links, download both and unzip them)

I wouldn't have massively over-thought the issue of file-splitting just to upload Pretty Woman(below). The trimmed result of  most decent HD movies with significant bootage is going to be over zippyshares 200mb limit. Merlin and the Book of Beasts (2009) is just another made for ScFy (and made on the cheap) sword and sorcery adventure. It is of interest to us due to the warrior woman's OTK's (and the wet-booted swordfight in knee deep water).

That Movie
(yes, two links, you'll have to download both of them and un-zip them. 98% of you have done this a thousand times-the rest of you will just have to figure it out yourselves-I do not provided technical support)

So, that movie. Boot scholars have long held that Pretty Woman (1990) was directly responsible for the OTK drought that plagued most of the 90's and early aughts.   I've alluded to it many times and Andy P discusses it at length(and named the effect).  So Pretty Woman gets no love from me, but.........This is a decent quality HD version I trimmed down in 2011. I could probably find a 1080 version, but this one is good enough for the Judas Movie.

That being said, you'll notice the file size is over the zippyshare limit of 200mb, so I've zipped them into two files.  I've avoided uploading larger files  up to now because I dread the inevitable handful of  "I don't know what to do" questions.  I do not provide technical support. I am resisting the urge to be mean or sarcastic. You'll have to figure this out on your own. Seriously, I don't even want "funny" posts about this. It is a HUGE sore spot for me.  Just download both files and if you can't un-zip it, figure it out without me.

Friday, July 29, 2016


Boot season is wrapping up in South America, and it's time to revisit botas over knee clips on youtube. Sort by upload date. The one above isn't the best one, but it has the finest thumbnail.

I can't resist goofy "arm" boots.

There's a lot of good ones there, so get to searching!

Oh, Rachel

From Children of the Revolution (1996) I had a crush on Rachel Griffiths from the first time I saw her in Six Feet Under (yes I just remembered that boot-off in the airport bathroom-I'm on it). Anyway, here we see her in an early role as a mounted police-woman. This clip is longer than the boots deserve, but just about right for the leather and gloves and hat and sunglasses.

Cybill Shepherd in a rare boot sighting
Cybill Shepherd is rarely booted. In The Heartbreak Kid (1972) she briefly wears a pair of suede OTK's that look a lot like the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands.

On the bubble
I think that flash of OTK walking in the background in the final scene might have been what swayed my keep/delete decision. From Ex-Girlfriends (2012)

Re-ups pt 2

Here's some more posts with refreshed links.

There's some nice clips there if you missed them the first time around.

H by Halston Leather Over-the-knee Boots - Karlie on QVC

From this's starting.  If you expect great boots from QVC, you're dreaming, but these are not horrible.

Also new from QVC-

50/50 style OTK' s with the biggest pull-on tease EVER at around 3:11. Really, THAT'S when you cut away?

Searching QVC's youtube channel for over the knee boots returns some tolerable results, and some absolute crap.


As a refresher-I'm happy to re-upload expired clips. The procedure is to leave a "this link is dead" or something similar on the actual post you want re-upped.  You can either click on the post title or on the "comments" link at the bottom. That will open a page with a little comment window. Yes, it can be a pain to leave a comment on blogger, but you're asking me to spend a few minutes uploading it, it's not unfair for you to spend a few seconds asking for it.  If you make your request on the exact post you want refreshed, I know what you want. Random re-up requests along the lines of "could you re-up that one clip with that one girl I like" or "could you re-do all the Tabby clips?" will be gleefully ignored (and might invite savage mockery).

During my break I got a few requests to renew links that had expired. These requests were all done correctly. Here are the re-ups-

BTW-the process is not instantaneous. I'll probably do it once a week or so.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

I was excited... find an "HD" version of Class (1983)
And then I saw it. Regardless of what the logo says, this is pretty obviously a poorly captured version of the upscaled DVD. It MIGHT be better than just blowing up the DVD to full screen. Thankfully, Jacqueline Bisset's beige thighboots transcend mere trifles of image quality.

Karate Boots
She has some fun in a mini-gi and boots. From Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio (aka Supermen Against the Orient -1973).

Bollywood Boots
So sue me, I've got a soft-spot for Bollywood boots. This is from
Kaala Sona (1975).

A de-boot
A safe-for-work striptease begins with this de-booting in Notti porno nel mondo (1977).