Sunday, February 14, 2016

From The Vault pt3
Rebecca Balding nails late 70's bootage in Silent Scream (1980).  Rebecca is a familiar face for viewers of 70's/80's TV.

From The Vaults pt2
From The Shopworn Angel (1938) Margaret Sullavan sings and dances in a fanciful white uniform and matching riding boots.

From the Vaults pt 1
This looks like one of my crappy ole caps from 2010. Gymnast Shawn Johnson wears a surprisingly nice pair of heeled suede knee boots over her jeans in this segment from The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Too Little Too Late
From the usually disappointing Rules of Engagement(this is s07e04), Megyn Price finally boots up. The show was not completely bootless, but it was close.  It begs comparison with How I Met Your Mother. Both had 2 female leads, were set in New York and ran during roughly the same period. "Mother" is a classic in casual bootage, while you could count the sightings on "Engagement" on one hand (maybe 2).

Boots on Angel's angel
From Rules of Engagement(s05e14), the assistant to magician Criss Angel is nicely thighbooted.

Celine Dion Is Helped Into Her Boots
Upgraded Here
From Celine:Through the Eyes of the World we see a backstage glimpse of the wardrobe department helping Ms Dion with her boots. The entire special isn't bad, but will be a bitch to edit down. I'm looking for a HD copy.  We saw an inferior version of this clip here, before it was so rudely statched away from us.

KTTV Mix 2
The wacky madcap Lauren Sivan's brown leather is followed by Liz Habib's brown suede and we finish with Maria's go to pair of black leather knee boots.  I left in part of the interview with Jessica Lucas (Tabby from Gotham). So, in case you didn't know it, making pervy comments on an actresses' twitter feed isn't cute, it's gross. They don't like it, stop. You're making all men look like creeps.

KTTV Mix 1
KTTV, the Los Angeles Fox affiliate, uses its brick-backed studio and sofa to fine effect during our 6 weeks of "winter." Here, Julie Chang shows off her black knee-high wedgies while Maria Sansone models two pairs of black leather knee boots.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Wonder Woman, Now On Blu-Ray
So, Wonder Woman has been released on Blu-Ray and here's that episode(s02e13).  I included some shots where the red suede knee boots are particularity well presented.    I've already downloaded the Frye boot karate-catfight episode, which will take longer to trim down. And isn't anywhere near as good. I'm not a Wonder Woman completist, but I can't think of any other great episodes. If I'm missing something, let me know in the comments.
I reserve the right to make a slo-mo/repeat version of this later.

One Way, but probably not this way
Blondie performs One Way or Another on Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special. The picture quality limitations of mid-70's video technology are understandable. The director's inexplicable need to focus on the couple dancing in ridiculous clear vinyl clothes is not. Thankfully we see much more of Debbie and her black leather thigh boots later in the clip. 

More Lip Sync Battles
From last night's Lip Sync Battle (s02e06), Hayden Panettiere rocks a pair of red OTK's.

This time, it's NOT Mrs Peel
S04e25 has got to be the easiest to trim episode of The Avengers. This is the only boots & leather in the whole episode and this is the entire scene. Considering the episode is about a gang of murderous women, it should have been much, MUCH better.

"Small" Sacrifices
I'm shocked that Small Sacrifices hasn't been released on DVD. Here's a VHS rip of those famous final gold spandex/black thighboot scenes.  Back in the day, I rented this based on that cover-art and stopped about 7/8's of the way through thinking that outfit would never appear. Oh the folly and impatience of youth.  BTW-if Farrah Fawcett offers you a boot-job in the back of a prison van, accepting it is the only polite thing to do.