A Little About Me-

A little more about me......

I've made friends with a lot of other boot-lovers on the internet over the years. In 1995 I started posting boot pictures to Usenet. By '96 that had morphed to my "Temple of the Boot" page on Geocities. In 1997 an enterprising photographer and I started thighboots.com. If you were there, you remember, if you came late to the party you missed a lot of fun. The 7 years thigboots.com was active were 4 of the best years of my life (and 3 of the worst). I hope this blog will let me do what I love best --find and share obscure boot stuff.
I did a lot of thinking before I started this blog. Foremost in my mind was the simple question, "Does the 'net REALLY need another site/forum/blog/group about boots?" To be honest the answer is "no."  There are 100's (maybe scores, but a lot) of places where people with an extraordinary passion for tall-shafted footwear can gather. I'm a member of a lot of them, and I've shared to many of those.  And there's always a reason why I stop posting. Usually a silly imaginary reason, but to my hyper-sensitive psyche a reason nonetheless.
I've been sharing boot stuff on the interwebs for 19 years now.  For the first 9 years it was my show (of course at thighboots.com I was equal partners with James, but we were pretty simpatico).  After we folded the tent, I bounced from group to group. I noticed I always chafed at the usually sensible moderation of others. I understand that in an environment like the internet any tolerable group will require rules and moderators, lest it quickly get ugly and gross.  Conversely, there are some groups that are too ugly and gross hyper-sexualized for me.   I'm not a prude, my taste in fem-dom porn is depraved and extreme, but that's not the part of me I want to share.  I enjoy sharing SafeForWork bootage(with some vintage fetish thrown in). I take a collector's joy in discovering an obscure boot-scene and that joy is heightened by sharing my discovery.
Sadly my prickly, doesn't-play-well-with-others, nature means I'll never really be happy playing in somebody else's house.  It is the fault of my own warped personality that I must have a place of my own.

Anyone who had a public e-mail address in 2002 knows what it's like to receive literally 100's of spam e-mails a day. It's an experience that has left me wary of posting my current e-mail address on my blog. However, if you're an old friend who'd like to touch base or you have a red-hot tip about a boot scene on TV there are several ways to contact me.

I know that blogger makes it difficult to reply anonymously to posts and that for some of you it's not worth the trouble.

If you have a flickr account (and I think you should) you can write me a private message from my photostream page. Just click/hover over the three dots on the right hand side under "member since" and select "send flickrmail.

If you have a youtube account (and I think you should) you can send me a private message from my channel's "About" page. Just click the button that says "send message."

I have a twitter account, but I HATE twitter and will probably never use it. I'm sure there's some way to send me a private message thru twitter and I'll probably see it eventually.

A few additional thoughts. I'm not very good at correspondence. I certainly welcome words of encouragement or thanks but we're probably not going to become pen-pals. I wish I could say differently, but if you ask me a complex question, I'll want to respond, but probably won't. My inbox has too many messages I hope to reply to......someday.

Regarding tips about boot scenes, I LOVE THEM....when they're actually rare or new. Barry Brite made my day when he sent me a tip about silver thigh boots on an SNL skit.  I am in the debt of the reader who sent me the tip about State of Affairs Some of the tips I get are less rare. Also, try to be as complete as possible. "That girl who was in that thing was in this other thing and she wore boots," is not terribly helpful.  Given the right info I can find a lot of obscure stuff. Some of it I already have and may just need a shove(the complete run of Partners in Crime anyone?-including THAT Vanessa Williams episode).