Friday, May 26, 2017

Little Mix 'Wings' - Glory Days Tour Berlin 2017 - HD.

A public service announcement: "singing" group Little Mix appears to still love their fabric thighboots and is currently embarking on a summer tour. In the coming months youtube is sure to be filled with 100's (if not 1,000's) of clips just like this one. If this is a matter of particular interest to you, I suggest you pursue it independently.

Natalie Morales (12 15 2016)

Access Hollywood works hard to get maximum blockage out of their coffee table. The power of Brooke Burke's thighboots almost overpowers it. BTW-a pretty good newswomen youtube channel that often specifically mentions when the subject is booted making for easy searches.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Not So Bad
Season 2 of Into The Badlands isn't quite the colossal disappointment of season 1 (a low, low bar). Here we see The Widow threatening a boot-heel jugular puncture. Considering she's spent most of the season in a shocking pair of disgraceful ankle shoes, these spiky suede kneeboots are a welcome change. There are a few more to follow, but I'm glad the epic first episode fight scene didn't get my hopes up.

This Is Radio......Disney?
Hailee Steinfeld wore black leather and Erin Bowmen sported blue suede at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.  Erin can be seen on GMA wearing a pair of black knee-scrapers here.

Oh, the title of this post is a play on "This is Radio Clash." Here's the remarkable thing about growing old. Star Wars debuted 40 years ago today. I'm getting used to these sorts of anniversaries.  When I first saw Star Wars I was a nerdy, clean-living virgin. 2 and half years later when London Calling was released I was none of those things (well, maybe still a nerd).  Nowadays, it can take me 2 and half years to pick out a new sofa and I feel rushed. Between the ages of 16 and 18, absolutely every aspect of my life radically changed and it was thrilling.  I don't want to go back there, but turning 16 is REALLY different than turning 56.  

I'll call them suede, thank you very much.

The second half of the second season of Lip Sync Battle (this is s02e15) has been pretty nice. Few episodes are bootless. Here we see Chrissy Teigen sporting a wonderful pair of spiky heeled thigh-high boots. Please note the obvious stiffness of the material. These are NOT stocking boots. I love this pair and am honored to call them suede, even if they might happen to be a man-made material. 

A City Gone Mad: The Interview | Season 3 Ep. 17 | GOTHAM

Gotham has become quite frustrating this season. Barbara and Tabby might be the most magnificent duo (I shan't say dynamic) in the history of television. Their costuming has been delightful, but whole episodes pass without their making an appearance. And when they do show up, it's usually only briefly.  These three clips are youtube exclusive advertising tie-ins with Ford. There's about 50 seconds of useless intro to each clip and there's not a ton of bootage in them, but they certainly convey the leathery fem-domme-y vibe that permeates their limited time on the show itself.

Below are the three clips in order. The one above is the 2nd one, which I chose to highlight simply because of the still-cap.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dancing-Butts: Nastia tanzt in Overknee-Stiefel + Leggings (dancing in b...

You should check out the whole channel.


Yes, these are technically boot-pants. I'm not sure I can muster up a give-a-damn. Too much pant, not enough boot. At least when Tamara Mellon made them (which I discuss here and here) she used leather. Oh, here's another article on the subject-

But lost in all this hype about these demi-boots, I think I'm seeing some hopeful signs for next season. Back in March, I really feared a backlash against any sort of high boot, but-

More Here
I don't have any problems with these shiny numbers, and there's much to suggest that the fashionable set will not be abandoning quality boots in the way I feared. I don't anything will ever match the improbable ubiquity that fabric thighboots enjoyed in 2016/17, but I also don't think we're in for a repeat of the ankle-shoe hell that was 2014.


I am a weak and shallow man. I should be able to resist this clip. My rational brain reminds me I don't much care for open-toed lace-up thighboots. My lizard brain says, "Daisy Dukes on a dancing thighbooted blonde." Advantage: Lizard Brain

BTW- Same channel, different boots, sans dancing-

(a try-on haul featuring chap-boots, because, you know 2016)

(I was trying to count the number of thighboots she wore in this clip. I lost count around 5)

Xuxa embarca na nave e se despede com "Lua de Cristal" | Dancing Brasil

Xuxa is hosting the Brazilian version of Dancing With The Stars. It appears to be as bat-shit crazy as you'd expect.

More here-

Oh, last minute add, Xuxa has been doing some recent live shows as "XuChá" that are a throwback to her classic styles. Here's a taste- 

Supergirl - Extended "Wonder Woman" Promo

From a reader-  Do you ever get the feeling the costume department said, "How can we ruin the Wonder Woman re-make for boot-lovers?"  It's also a pretty horrible version of "These Boots..." Nice close-ups of Supergirl's boots and a decent pair on Teri Hatcher that I don't think she ever wears on the show.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Street Style Editorial | Fall 2015

A tasty little short. Here's the full collection-

felicity kendal thigh boots

Only a few seconds of boots at the end, but a funny enough skit that brings new meaning to "Domestic Goddess."


And you thought he was gone forever. Lots of different boots in this one.

Here's a live performance with dancers in majorette uniforms and OTK's-

Having your Cake

"Cake" Trailer from Anne Hu on Vimeo.

According to the clever people at The New York Times, the fact that writer/director Anne Hu cast herself as the domme-y sex robot makes this insightful rather than exploitative.   All I see are the boots.

Hailee Steinfeld Performance - Dancing with the Stars

From last night's DWS-Hailee's wearing proper thighboots, dancers are in stockings and ankle shoes.

Note to self, "I'm not going to share any youtube clips until I upload some of my own edits" is ALWAYS a bad idea.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Barbara Tortures A Man For Information | Season 3 Ep. 16 | GOTHAM

Barbara and Tabby are back, My special edits should return shortly.

Empty Nest - Barbara The Dominatrix (Kristy McNichol)

No boots, but......Holy Crap! You know, if you're in your 50's and have always had a crush on Kristy McNichol. Otherwise, maybe not so much to see here.

Just clearing out some browser tabs. It can be hard for me to start posting again after a break and it helps if I just start with a flood of youtube clips.

Robin Meade 02:09:16 (LEG CROSS @ 01:15) Morning Express HLN

A nice youtube playlist that will keep you busy for hours.

Also some quality newswomen clips that I don't think I've seen (could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time) at JBsCorner Brandon.


Legendary and magnificent blogger NJRS has started a youtube channel and he often uploads classic archive clips without posting them on his blog(which I assume you visit daily, like I suggest over to the right). Your boot lover bona fides are in question if you fail to subscribe to this bootie-as-heck channel.

Pure nostalgia made me choose this clip. I clearly remember that June morning almost 10 years ago when known boot-hater Cam Diaz shocked the world in these killer cuffed OTK's. It was the very dawn of the boot renaissance and this sort of sighting was far from common on anyone, let alone a bootaphobe like Cam. There's plenty of sweet stuff on Noel's channel. It's a walk down memory lane for old-timers and a treasure trove for newbies.

Blue Peter - Katy Hill dresses as a Principal Boy

This gets pretty good indeed at around the 48 second mark

Different year, might be the same boots-