Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

I am glad to see the tail end of September.  To mis-quote The Hitchhikers Guide, "I never could get the hang of September."  This has been a rough, hot month 'round these parts. I'm just happy to see the end of it.

Emma Thompson on the Late Show with David Letterman (01/24/2006)

One of my favorite actresses in pretty average suede knee boots. Saved by some hi-jinks at around 10:20 with a focus on her boots.

Kelly Hu in knee boots
From Warehouse 13(s04e15) for a brief, shining moment this "pants tucked into knee boots" look was EVERYWHERE.

If you've been looking at DVD rips all day it can be a shock when a full, glorious 1080p clip fills your screen. That God for HD.

Suede over the knee boots from 1976
From San Babila ore 20 (1976) she traipses through the city in high suede boots that looks EXACTLY like the boot of the year for 2016-well maybe this shaft is 3 inches shorter.

She fights in magic thigh boots
From The Scorpion King 2, the villainess uses magic to craft her fighting outfit (including thigh boots). This segment is ruined by a camera the mostly films from the waist-up (what a waste). BTW-our fetching heroine wears those floppy over the knee moccasins throughout.

Sorry no youtube

Monday, September 28, 2015

I Lied-Here's Paris

I told a great friend and contributor to this blog that I would NEVER do a feature on Paris Hilton. That was before I saw this triptych of Paris Hilton trying on thigh boots.
Never say never. Thanks for all you do Doc.

Victoria Justice in Lace-up OTK's
From Victorious (s04E10) I've always loved this style of lace-up over the knee boot.

How to Wear Boot Cut Jeans With Riding Boots

Youtube suggested this. Not a bad way to spend 53 seconds.

They'd be thigh boots if she un-cuffed them
From Il provinciale (1971). She wears a pair of suede boots that would be thigh high.....if she uncuffed them. A very nice zipper scene starts at around :54.

Ann-Margret in 60's Boots & Leather
From Il profeta (1968), Ann-Margret wears countless pairs of 60's boots (and a pair of leather pants).

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Carey Mulligan, briefly in fetching riding attire
From Far From the Madding Crowd (2015) Carey starts the movie in a GREAT leather jacket with britches and boots. Then she spends the rest of the movie in a long dress.

I downloaded a small version of this based entirely on a still of that buttery leather jacket. I was so thrilled by the opening scene that I quickly downloaded a huge HD version before I sampled the rest of the movie. I was crushed that this outfit was never seen after the first 2 minutes. Still worth it though.

A Good Year for Gotham?

Now that I have your attention.
While I am unlikely to forgive Gotham for casting a 14-year-old as the future Catwoman, the character of Tabitha will certainly keep my interest. The previews for this season promised a leather-clad whip-wielder.  As we see in the season 2 opener, she is a fully ripened psychopath (see note below).  TV shows have broken my heart before, but right now she is perfect. Great leather outfit, keeps a knife in the top of her thigh high boots, sexy and merciless. Life has taught me that the benefit of pessimism is that all of your surprises are pleasant ones.  I full expect the show runners to ruin this for me somehow.  But I'll be watching every week until they do.

Sorry, no youtube

Off-topic note-we saw the entertaining mobster saga Black Mass last week. Whitey Bulger is offhandedly described as a "ripened psychopath."  This is a BRILLIANT phrase that actually seems to have been coined by the FBI-report/book/film. A google search shows that many reviewers recognized the inherent awesomeness of "ripened psychopath" and used it as a pull quote.   I like playing with words and that phrase is swell!

Thigh Boots? Probably not.
A couple of days ago I shared a video of Fifth Harmony on James Cordon's show. At the time I suspected they might be wearing some sort of stockings/faux boots. I've found a better version and I think my fears are confirmed. They are a superior example of the faux boot, but that's like an above average imitation cheese(still pretty much inedible). In fact, if it were not for some suspicious activity around the foot, I would think these are proper boots.  These are good enough that I wouldn't be completely surprised if they happened to be actual boots, can judge for yourself.

Sorry no youtube