Friday, August 31, 2018

Back on the horse, pt 5
An upgrade of Silent Scream(1979) I admit I am powerless in the face of a decent late 70's "tuck." Especially in 1080p.

Back on the horse, pt 4
From The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (2010) Yes, they're spats. They're also thigh-high spats on a denim'ed up Lizzy Caplin (a personal fave) who's acting all western bad-ass. If you think I would be immune to this, you haven't been paying attention. The views get better towards the end.

Back on the horse, pt3
Lady GaGa from 2013 in a decent pair of sparkly knee-scrapers/OTK's.  I'd have posted this ages ago, but it was just slightly above zippyshare's old 200mb limit. Next!

Back on the horse, pt2
From the 2016 Jingle Ball telecast. A girl group....(he spins the wheel of interchangeable quintets)....5th Harmony? It says a lot about the modern era that I'm almost more interested in the white vinyl knee boots than the thighboots. And you can almost see Ariana Grande's knee-caps over her spiky heeled ersatz snow-boots. Seriously, when was the last time anybody saw her knees?

Back on the horse, pt 1
Iggy Azalea performed whilst thighbooted (if you can see thru the smoke) on Seth Meyers. I'm sure this was from some specific date (spring 2016?) but I'm not going to obsess about it now, NEXT.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I did not see this coming

My mother's "celebration of life" was Friday. She'd been sick a long time and her death was a blessing. The service was quite pleasant and being repeatedly told what a wonderful son you were feels pretty nice. Emotionally, it was about what I expected.   But clearing out the house I grew up in is kicking my ass in ways I did not expect.  I am physically and emotionally wrung out. I hope to resume regular posting in a day or two.  So, this is what the kids mean by "all of the feels."

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Physician heal thyself

I'm taking my own advice for a change. Too many real world things going on right now. I'm not going to stress about the blog. I ain't going nowhere, just might be a couple of days.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

From last year

As celebs flaunt the new thigh-grazing kinky boots we test out
high street styles and rate them out of five

In case you missed it last fall. It's about as dismissive as you would imagine. And to be honest, many of these boots are worthy of a good mocking.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Anything but that

I had Sharknado 6 on while I was clearing out the browser tabs below. Cassandra Scerbo IS wearing a pair of shiny pants tucked into fabric thighboots AND I can feel actual brain cells dying.

Famous Denim Chap Boots

Another browser window bites the dust

Halestorm - I Am The Fire. Live in Abbotsford BC 2018

Lizzy Hale spent at least one date on a 2018 winter tour wearing a fab pair of patent thighboots. There a few more vids out there, but not enough(like there could be enough). And that's one fewer open tab.

Así se llevan las botas altas

Clearing out some browser tabs. Some very nice botas altas de cuero

Fernando Berlin Fashion Show @AVANTGARDISTA 2017

In case you missed it. Starts getting really good at around 1:15.

Best Ever? pt 1
I wanted to properly watch Atomic Blonde(2017) before I trimmed it down. Boot-wise it was as good as advertised, a rare thing (yes, I'm looking at you Proud Mary!). As a movie it was a very good collection of fight scenes stylishly stitched together.  The single unreliable narrator device was done very well in The Usual Suspects....not so much here.  It seemed like a tribute to the 80's by people who hadn't lived through it. It made me want to re-watch The Hunger (1983).
But good Lord, the boots and the fight scenes!  It's hard to definitely say "best ever."  But over-all top 10 in the "action boot" category? Yeah, I'll make that call.  It had a too much of the gloomy blue and grey palette that cinematographers seem to love.  But there was enough attention paid to lighting that nothing ever turned into a dark messy blob.  There wasn't a single defining moment, but there was a lot for an action-based shaftie to love.
These are pretty high-quality clips that might be difficult for some machines to play. This movie deserved the best I could find. I've got the extras floating around here somewhere, I'm going to go through them. Also, I reserve the right to do a special slo-mo repeats edit of these. You've been warned.

Best Ever? pt 2
Apparently one of the first lessons of spycraft is that if you want to sneak into East Berlin undetected, you wear a mousey brown wig and STUNNING black leather thighboots. Not that I'm complaining. This is the segment for heel-heads. It's hard to find nits to pick. It's a little short and dark, but even in the long silhouette segment, her boots remain well defined. It's not as long as the 5050 fight, nor as creative as the flats battle, but damn, those are sweet boots. And, no sign of stunt boots!

Best Ever? pt3
My 3rd clip from Atomic Blonde and the first part of the "5050" fight.  Interesting choice of boots here. These certainly look exactly like classic Stuart Weitzman 5050's.  But, as I've said, makers, brands and styles are NOT my area of expertise. I've never really minded 5050's and think that they look great from the front. It's just that from the back they don't really look like boots at all, esp when paired with black pants.The 5050's were introduced in 1993 and the movie is set in 1989, so that's not too far off. I've studied parts of this frame by frame (research purposes only) and I think they digitally blurred the soles to obscure the unique signature on the bottom.
I prefer my leather-clad ass kickers to be, if not invulnerable, at least so superior to their opponents they never suffer injury. That is certainly not the style here. However, unlike too many episodes of Supergirl, it never seems like Charlize is just getting pummeled. These are brutal, give-as-good-as-you-get fight scenes. They lean towards the ridiculous, but never enter slap-stick. Thanks to the low-heel of the 5050, stunt boots are never required, but they do slip in some knee pads on occasion.  I didn't noticed until I started my "research."

Best Ever? pt 4
I'm doing this "backwards" so it will read properly once I'm finished. Here, in the 4th clip from Atomic Blonde, we see the end of the 5050 fight, a brief swimming boot scene some of you might love. The "tape recorder room" scene (around 2:10) is suspicious because there's a glint of leather on the BACK of her boots (re-shoot with different boots?).  The final scene (for us) could have been better, but still....