Friday, September 14, 2018

Yesterday's boot mix
A mix of TV sightings from early November, 2017. Too much fabric. When I pull a bunch of clips for processing I never really know the contents. Donna Mills' leather knee-scraping day boots are of special merit and I love the deep blue of the velvet boots on the Harry guest.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Last Night!NpwiUIjI!rhdjROPT68ctgCxCQCdvxv9LxbVo9zy6NIwKd-iyATU
Christina Aguilera wore a lot of leather last night (9/12/18) on Jimmy Kimmel. It was almost hard to tell what was going on, thankfully in the second segment she showed us conclusively they were black leather thigh-high boot.

Two things: now that I'm back, I'm going to try to push new clips to the head of the queue.  And, I feel pretty good about fall now. There have been a number of early sightings that suggest that the "booted class" might be leaning towards decent high boots this season.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

More than I could chew, pt 1
Back about 6 weeks ago, I started processing WAAAYY too many video clips to do in one batch. In hindsight I have to wonder what I was thinking. I started with hours of raw clips that trimmed down to these three which are broken up to stay under 500mb. There's just too much stuff in 45 minutes worth of boot clips.  As I was trimming these down I had observations I wanted to share. Thoughts about  chap-boots and news anchors who are heavy metal fans and fabric thigh vs leather knee and how magnificently bootie Spanish language programming is.  But by the time I'm done, I just want to hit the post button and do ANYTHING else. So here's three boot mixes from right around New Year's 2018.  And now I'm going to go do ANYTHING else.

More than I could chew, pt 2
More from around New Year's 2018.

More than I could chew, pt 3
Mostly New Year's Eve 2018.

For Doc

More Here
A very good buddy of mine is a Paris Hilton super-fan. I'm sure he's already seen these, but I'm thinking of you Doc.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I got a lot on my plate right now, but ...... I've been on "fall watch" for first TV boots (on the shows I monitor). Natalie Morales wore these on Access Live yesterday. and I'm not sure they count. She LOVES these boots and wears them often.  I love everything about them, except the most important component-the shafts are just too short.  After due consideration, I'm afraid these fail to qualify.  Nice try NatMo, but fall hasn't quite started I'm afraid. Fall watch continues.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

View Mary J Blige, pt 2
The Queen of Hip-hop Soul (and Boots) in a solo performance from 2011 on The View.  BTW-I am endlessly amused every time I get to refer to Mary J as "The Queen of Hip-hop Soul (and Boots)" Clearly I am easily amused. These two clips have been on my hard-drive since 2011. Not 100% sure where they came from.

View Mary J Blige, pt 1
The Queen of Hip-hop Soul (and boots) performs on The View back in 2011. She's wearing a very fetching pair of thighboots and is joined on stage by some punk kid nobody's ever going to hear from again.

Thanks, whoever you are

Well, two of my friends did my job for me. The esteemed AndyP wrote a blog entry about Bryce Dallas Howard's riders in Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom. AND my new best friend anonymous did a very nice edit of the film and left it in the comments. It's far too nice to just leave there, so here's a proper presentation. And again, thanks to both of you.